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Video Production

Video Production is a core class of the Modern Media and Communications Magnet 8th grade program. Films produced in the Magnet are featured in the annual Palms Film Festival.

Video Production is also a 7th and 8th grade elective class, first taught in the 2014-2015 school year.

The class introduces students to the fundamentals of film and video production.

Students engage in hands-on experiences as they learn the basics of filmmaking: pre-production, production, and post-production. They develop skills in planning, organization, script writing, interpersonal communication, team building, and media literacy. Students participate in every aspect of video production, from editing to directing on-screen talent.

Students produce video products in the form of narrative/dramatic, informational/documentary, promotional/persuasive, and creative/music video. Equipment used includes video cameras, iPads, and laptop computers.

They practice shooting videos, doing sound recordings and sound engineering, and editing using iMovie. They work individually, with partners, and in collaborative groups.

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Students using live green screen effects give lessons to visiting fifth grade students:green screen videos

Fall 2016 Guest Speaker: Tony Schwartz

Tony Schwartz
Tony Schwartz

Tony Schwartz, a producer, assistant director, and teacher at the New York Film Academy, visited Palms on September 20, 2016. His credits include Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Freaks and Geeks, CSI: NY, and many others.

Mr. Schwartz talked to Palms Video Production students about some of the essentials that every filmmaker should know: the importance of the story, character development, production design, and the importance of planning, collaborating, and staying on budget.

He covered an enormous amount in one short class period. Students were inspired, and loved hearing his stories.

Mr. Schwartz is the father of Video Production student Daniel Schwartz.

Palms visited the Hammer Museum in Westwood and saw a variety of exhibits, including photography, film, and art from the masters.

Photos by Palms students Tuesday White and Princess Ilo.

Spring 2016 Guest Speaker: Steve Welch

Video editor Steve Welch

Steve Welch

Steve Welch, a Primetime Emmy-winning film and television editor, visited Palms on February 1, 2016.

Mr. Welch's credits include the Malcolm in the Middle and New Girl TV shows, and the 72nd Annual Academy Awards broadcast.

Steve Welch and Palms students
Steve Welch with Video Production students

Fall 2015 Guest Speaker: David N. Weiss

David N. Weiss, a screenwriter and producer, particularly known for Shrek 2, The Smurfs, and All Dogs Go to Heaven, visited Palms on December 17, 2015.

Palms students had already compared one of his early drafts of the movie Are We There Yet? to the finished film.

Mr. Weiss is currently working on the sequel to Disney's popular Enchanted film.

David N. Weiss
David N. Weiss with Video Production students

Students in Mrs. Clark's Video Production elective, along with a dozen students from Leadership class, attended a taping of the Wheel of Fortune TV show.

Students observed how a professional 3-camera television show is made, as they sat in the audience for the taping of three Wheel of Fortune shows.

The cast and crew were very friendly to our students, interacting during breaks, answering questions, and giving away prizes and trinkets with the Wheel of Fortune logo. A couple of students received dollar bills autographed by the stars.

The set was a massive display of colorful flashing lights and brightly arranged signs and displays. The contestants on the show were teen besties -- pairs of high school best friends. Sony Studios wanted a young audience, and Palms students fit the bill, so Sony funded the field trip. Thank you to Sony Studios!

The Leadership students who did not attend the Wheel of Fortune taping are going to a taping of the Jeopardy! TV show.