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Speech is the 7th grade elective for students in the Modern Media and Communications Magnet.


  • develop the academic skills of research, time management, organization, speech writing, and technology
  • create presentations on topics of their choice
  • practice public speaking
  • learn to self-evaluate
  • critique work by other students and by famous speakers

The culminating project is Palms Talks, where students give presentations in the style of TED Talks a school-wide assembly.

Each student presents his or her research findings and deliver their commentary using a motivational style.

Keys to Public Speaking
  • Be aware of speech habits
  • Improve posture, voice, and diction
  • Develop preparation and presentation techniques
  • Learn audience awareness
  • Learn self-awareness
  • Cultivate poise and self-confidence



Speech classes work with TED-Ed, the youth and education initiative of TED, the nonprofit behind TED Talks.

Ted-ED provides a platform for both teachers and students to create and for students to develop their skills.