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musical notes

Music Program

music logoAny Palms student may take music classes as electives, including beginners who have never sung or played an instrument before, those with some experience, and those who take outside lessons.

Parents and students are treated to many musical concerts during the school year, from the Pops Concert in October to the Instrumental Spring Concert and Choral Spring Concert in May.

For the schedule of performances see the School Calendar and the Concerts page.

Choral Music

Chorus is the vocal music program at Palms.  Three classes are offered:

Choral Music Classes
Da Capo Choir Beginning Chorus 6th, 7th, and 8th grade for students who are new to chorus at Palms Middle School
Con Brio Chorus Beginning Chorus 6th, 7th, and 8th grade for students who are new to chorus at Palms Middle School
Vivoce Singers Advanced Chorus 7th and 8th grade for students who have taken Beginning Chorus at Palms Middle School


All Chorus classes gain experience in unison and in two-part singing.  The Advanced Chorus also does 3-part or 4-part singing. Every Chorus student gets the experience of singing harmony, as well as melody, during the school year.

Chorus is taught by Mrs. Chi. For more information about the program, see the Choral Music elective page.

Instrumental Music

Playing music can be challenging, enjoyable, and exciting for students, as they learn to read music, use proper hand positions and embouchures (mouth positions), be part of an ensemble, and express themselves through music.

Palms is proud of its many musical success stories, including Palms graduates who have been accepted at Julliard and given a Best New L.A. Jazz Musician award!

Palms has four instrumental music classes: Winds & Percussion, Band, Strings, and Orchestra. Some students bring their own instruments, and some borrow school instruments that are shared between class periods. Wind players always get individual mouthpieces,

All Instrumental music are taught by Ms. Jones

See also: Jazz Band (an after-school group)