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Music Auditions

Auditions are required for the Band and Orchestra electives, and the Jazz Band, unless students have already demonstrated their ability in previous classes. Auditions for Band and Orchestra are before summer so students can be programmed in the correct class for the August beginning of school. Auditions for Jazz Band are in September.

Auditions are not required for Winds & Percussion or Strings.

Band and Orchestra Auditions

Students who want to audition for Band or Orchestra for 2022-2023 should send a message to Ms. Jones in April or early May 2022 to set up an after-school audition date and time.

Auditions, given in room 172, are about 10 minutes long. The student plays a scale of their choice, a solo, or something out of a book they have prepared. They will be given a short sight-reading piece.

Jazz Band Auditions

Students who would like to audition for Jazz Band should listen for homeroom announcements after the start of school.

Jazz Band auditions are in September, during Break or Lunch in Room 172.


2022-2023 Jazz Band Auditions

Tuesday through Thursday in September 2022
specific dates to be announced


Pick up the audition music ahead of time from Ms. Jones, then come to the audition ready to play it.


What other piece of equipment do you need to play a violin?

What's the Audition Like?

At the audition, students will be asked to:

  1. Play a piece they have been working on. It can be a piece from a method book.
  2. Play a scale.
  3. Sight-read a piece that Ms. Jones will provide at the audition.

Any student who is not advanced enough on his or her instrument for Band or Orchestra is welcome to sign up for Winds & Percussion or Strings.