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Theatre Arts

The Introduction to Theatre Arts elective requires focus, discipline, dedication to learning the craft of Theatre Arts, and a willingness to be part of an ensemble (TEAM).

Students will explore the nature of Theatre in its many forms: Shakespeare and the classics as well as contemporary pieces from plays, musicals, etc.

Among many skills to be developed, students will:

  • Memorize, analyze, perform and work as an ensemble/team.
  • Analyze and evaluate works of Theatre and artistic expression from various eras of dramatic art.
  • Analyze the dimensions of characters, plots, setting, and themes from a variety of dramatic works.
  • Develop and execute artistic interpretations of theatrical texts in the roles of playwright, actor, director, designer, etc.
  • Learn improvisation and develop and create skits.

The class collaborates closely with the Stage Crew, especially in preparation and staging of the productions this year.

See Also

Mr. Flores

Students in Ms. Hunter's classes made these posters with quotes from Shakespeare's "Macbeth".

Shakespeare's Birthday

Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 and died on April 23, 2016, over 400 years ago. Palms students often celebrate his birthday "in dramatic fashion" with food and posters.

Shakespeare cupcakes

Shakespeare cake

The Palms "Shakesperience"

Palms Shakesperience

Palms rocks The Bard like no other middle school this side of the River Thames!

In the Spring semester, students often performs works by Shakespeare. This adds to the challenge, as students must learn to make real the drama and comedy using words and expressions unfamiliar to them. Practicing lines at home is necessary, but learning what the words express is equally important so that students can act as if the feelings and emotions behind the words are real.

Every year students celebrate the Palms Shakesperience, performing monologues, soliloquys, and sonnets on the Library stage with live and recorded music.