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Title I History

In the beginning: Palms first qualified for Title I funding in the 2005-2006 school year, with 47% of students shown to be eligible for free or reduced-price meals. The percentage has been over 40% ever since.

The October Surprise: In Fall 2011, not all qualified Palms families applied, yet the 49.4% of students from families who did submit applications easily exceeded the 40% threshold set by LAUSD. But LAUSD then raised the funding threshold to 50% after the application period had ended, leaving Palms and 22 other LAUSD schools unable to prove they still qualified for funding. A partial one-time allocation made up for a portion of the lost funding but long-standing Palms programs, including tutoring and our after-school sports programs, still had to be cut that year.

Since then: The dotted line in this chart shows the LAUSD funding threshold and Palms percentages from 2004 to 2019, including the after-the-fact switch in 2011.

Free and Reduced-Price Meal Eligibility

Lesson learned: Based on the October Surprise, Palms has made a more extensive effort since Fall 2012 to let parents know about the importance of submitting applications. As a result, Palms has qualified with over 50% eligible families each year since. Getting the word out to parents is still of vital importance, and that's why you should submit a Meal Application whether or not you think your family qualifies for free or reduced-price meals.