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Can 7th graders run for Student Body offices?

7th graders can run for any office except  for Student Body President.

Only 8th graders can run for Student Body President.


Ms. Shin

Ms. Shin is the Seventh Grade Counselor

Mr. Barbosa

Mr. Barbosa is the Assistant Principal in charge of Seventh Grade events.


To contact them, click or tap an envelope icon below or phone Palms.

  Rene Barbosa Assistant Principal & Head Counselor
  Sujin Shin Counselor

Seventh Grade

Seventh grade students have six separate teachers and have their academic classes in the main section of campus. This is a step up from sixth grade.

Students learn to manage their classwork, their homework, and the separate schedule for each of their classes.

Students in the Modern Media and Communications Magnet use technology to create presentations on topics of their choice, and they learn public speaking in preparation for the Palms Talks assembly.


Seventh grade students have their first opportunity to participate in electives such as these:

Modern Media and Communications Magnet

Other programs

Click or tap to explore any of these other 7th grade programs:

DNA Day field trip

Toy Drive

Emergency Preparedness Fair