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Do You Know?

Which is true?

1. A pumpkin is a type of squash.

2. A squash is a type of pumpkin.

3. "Pumpkin" and "squash" are two names for the same vegetable.

Pumpkin Day

Pumpkin Day is an annual tradition for 6th graders at Palms, usually taking place shortly before or after Halloween.

On this special day, sixth grade teachers incorporate pumpkins into their math and science activities.

Students gather data using real-life pumpkins. They work in small groups as they study a hypothesis, form their own predictions, take measurements, and create graphs. Each group completes a Pumpkin Day packet and everyone has fun!

Examples of Pumpkin Day lessons and projects:

  • data gathering
  • making a hypothesis and testing it
  • investigating circumference
  • working on fractions
  • making estimations

It's a day we look forward to every year!

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Pumpkin Day

Monday, October 31, 2022 (tentative)

Think About It

How would you measure the diameter of a pumpkin?

How would you measure its circumference?

What would you need to find out its weight?

If one pumpkin is twice as wide as another pumpkin, will it weigh twice as much?

How could you estimate the number of seeds in a pumpkin without counting every single one?

What Happens to All Those Leftover Pumpkins?

They become compost in our garden!

pumpkin recycling

Pumpkin Day project

World Record!

A pumpkin weighing 2,032 pounds was grown by Tim and Susan Mathison from Napa, California!

How would you grow a pumpkin that big?

Look up the latest Guinness world record.


pumpkin pie

About what percentage of this pie has been eaten?

If you ate one slice each day, how many days would it take to finish it?