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Other Staff

Staff List
Title   Name Phone Contact
Cafeteria Manager Mr. Jose Sandoval extension 7640 or 310-839-6464  
Camp Palms Leader Ms. Terri Andersen   see below
College and Career Coach Pamela Williams   email
Counseling Office Assistant and Credit Clerk Valerie Giles extension 7616 email
Dean of Students Ms. Tracey Fields extension 7624 see below
English Learners (EL) Coordinator Ms. Sarah Flynn extension 7643 see below
Financial Manager and Student Store

Sidney Santos

Assistant: Ms. Sylvia McClintock

Assistant: Ms. Maria Ramirez


email Mr. Santos

email Ms. McClintock

GATE Coordinator (position open)    
Librarian Mr. Adam Frankel   see below
Main Office Administrative Assistant Mrs. Ruby Gold extension 7614 email
Magnet Office Technician Ms. Yvette Green extension 7641 email
Parent Communication Coordinator Ms. Norma Vela extension 7629 email
Plant Manager Mr. Anthony Jefferson extension 7635  
Safety Officer (position unfilled)    
School Nurse Ms. Elena Kim

extension 7619


School Psychologist Ms. Amanda Strang extension 7632  
Senior Leadership Coordinator Mr. Jason Nicholson   see below
Sixth Grade Leadership Coordinator Mr. Yong Kim   see below
Special Education Office Technician Ms. Dibbie Piggee extension 7618  
Speech-Language Pathologist Ms. Lauren Schuchman   email
Student Services Office Technician

Ms. Valerie Saulsberry

extension 7627


Title I Coordinator Ms. Sarah Flynn extension 7643 see below
UTLA Chapter Chair Mr. David Martinez   see below

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Contact Terri Andersen  Terri Andersen Teacher
Contact Tracey Fields  Tracey Fields Dean of Students
Contact Sarah Flynn  Sarah Flynn English Learner Coordinator, Title I Coordinator
Contact Adam Frankel  Adam Frankel Teacher Librarian
Contact Yong Kim  Yong Kim Teacher
Contact David Martinez  David Martinez Teacher
Contact Jason Nicholson  Jason Nicholson Teacher