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Team Prime Time

Applications for the Team Prime Time after-school program are now available. The program is available every school day, from the end of the school day until 6:00pm (5:30 on Tuesdays).

Download the flyer with program details

and the application form

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Posted 8/5/22

GATE Parent Newsletter

The LAUSD Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program publishes a quarterly newsletter for parents of gifted students, including those in the Schools for Advanced Studies program.

The Summer 2022 newsletter:

  • reports on GATE online webinars and the annual parent conference
  • asks parents to fill out a survey with their webinar preferences
  • provides tips on preparing your child for intellectual ability testing

Download the Summer 2022 newsletter

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Posted 8/5/22


You can help Palms science students of Mr. Martinez by donating to the "3D printing into the future" DonorsChoose campaign.

Mr. Martinez explains:

"A 3D printer will continue to enhance the print-rich classroom that I strive to create. Please help me give my students another 3D printer and get the supplies they need to use the 3D printer. Having an extra 3D printer will give every student the opportunity to print something of their own. This will also give them a glimpse of what tech life is like."

To date, Palms teachers have raised $59,900 using DonorsChoose campaigns.

Posted 7/30/22

GATE Parent Newsletter

GATE is the LAUSD "Gifted and Talented Education" program.

The GATE Parent Newsletter, issued in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer each school year, provides information for parents of students in the GATE and SAS (School for Advanced Studies) programs.

The Spring 2022 newsletter covers gifted identification, gifted verification, ideas for student volunteering, and more.

Download the Spring 2022 GATE Parent Newsletter

from the GATE/SAS Parent Newsletter page.

Posted 7/1/22

Camp Palms in the auditorium

Camp Palms is scheduled for Tuesday, August 9 and Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

Camp Palms is a middle school orientation for incoming sixth grade students, who will have the opportunity to become familiar with the campus, meet some of the teachers, rotate through classes, and make new friends. There is also a one-hour orientation for parents on Tuesday, August 9.

Register for Camp Palms
Posted 6/7/22