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8th grade

Eligible eighth grade students can still pick up their Certificate of Completion and culmination mementos on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, from 9:00am to 11:30am or 1:30pm to 3:00pm.

If you did not pick up these items at the Car Parade, this is your chance.

All students may return books and devices at these times as well.

Posted 6/14/21

fruit bowl

Grab N Go food services will be available at Palms Middle School and other schools from June 14 to July 30, 2021, Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 10:30am.

Parent and guardians can pick up meals on behalf of any child age 18 and younger.

Weekend meals will be offered on Fridays.

Download flyer
Posted 6/14/21

Superintendent Austin Beutner updated the LAUSD community on Monday, June 14, 2021.

Video from LAUSD Video Archive

Transcript: EnglishSpanish

Topics covered:

  • Last week, thousands of students and their families celebrated completion of kindergarten, elementary and middle school as well as graduation from high school.
  • Thousands of students completed another chapter in the Fender Guitar music program.
  • As we finish the school year, LAUSD is on the path to recovery with safe school environments, record amounts of school funding, renewed trust and collaboration with families, and the ability to help students achieve dramatically better school outcomes.
  • When the new school year starts this August, all LAUSD schools in will offer full day, in-person instruction, 5 days a week.
  • With increased funding, secondary schools will have more teachers to provide individualized instruction and reduce class sizes, and children will benefit from additional mental health services in schools while students with learning differences and disabilities will receive more direct support.
  • Some teachers have retired, but LAUSD will not be displacing any teachers this coming year.
  • Superintendent Beutner will share highlights of LAUSD's work in his State of Schools Address on Tuesday June 15, 2001 at the Hollywood Bowl. The event will be available on KLCS and the LAUSD website later in the week.
Posted 6/14/21

culminating student

Eighth grade students have completed their middle school education. Congratulations!

Culmination takes place in three parts:

1. Culmination Live Kick-Off on Zoom

You will receive congratulations from the Principal, the Student Body President, and others.

Friday, June 11, 2021, 7:00pm

Zoom link for 8th grade families

2. Virtual Culmination Website

An online version of the culmination ceremony, with official speeches, awards, photos, and videos.

The website will launch during the Kick-Off Event.

Mr. Carter will send access instructions to your mymail account.

3. Car Parade

Saturday, June 12, 2021, 9:30am to noon

Drive by to pick up your yard sign, keepsake, Certificates of Completion, and any award certificates you've earned.

Car Parade Details

Arrival Times

Student Last Name

Arrival Time Range
A B C 9:30 to 10:00am
D E F G H 10:00 to 10:30am
I J K L M 10:30 to 11:00am
N O P Q R 11:00 to 11:30am
S T U V W X Y Z 11:30am to noon


  • Follow the map.
  • Drive WEST on Palms Blvd and EAST on Woodbine Street.
  • Do not make left turns or U-turns.
  • Obey all traffic laws and be respectful of our neighbors.
  • Remain in your car.
  • Wear masks.
  • Print the student's name ("Last Name, First Name") on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.
  • Hold the paper up for the staff member to see.

Download Car Parade Map

Car Parade map

Posted 6/11/21

2020-2021 Yearbook

Free copies of the 2020-2021 Digital Yearbook, created by students in the Yearbook elective class taught by Ms. Goldberg, can now be downloaded.

We couldn't produce a printed yearbook this year, due to the pandemic, so instead the Yearbook class created a free Digital Yearbook that you can download as a PDF.

Download Class of 2021 Yearbook

Students interested in next year's Yearbook elective class should see the Yearbook and Electives pages for details.

Posted 6/7/21

Superintendent Austin Beutner updated the LAUSD community on Monday, June 7, 2021.

Video from LAUSD Video Archive

Transcript: EnglishSpanish

Topics covered:

  • With funds from ballot Measure RR, LAUSD is renovating, modernizing, and replacing older school facilities as part of 700 projects in progress, including a project at Venice High School.
  • Mobile vaccination teams have visited 250 LAUSD secondary schools and thousands of children and their family members have received their first dose.
  • There are summer programs for reading, math, language development, and credit recovery. Enrichment classes include The Science of Sports, Cartooning and Animation, Create your own DC Super Heroes, Artificial Intelligence for Good, Black/Pan African History, and Wellness for Mind and Body.
  • Schools are using MERV-13 air filters and running HVAC systems 24/7. LAUSD will be conducting a pilot study on ways to further improve air quality, working with specialists from the Southern California Air Quality Management District.
  • LAUSD still plans to build affordable housing for school teachers and staff. [see related news]
  • Austin Beutner is now completing his term as Superintendent. Deputy Superintendent Megan Reilly will serve as Interim Superintendent.
  • Superintendent Beutner will give a State of the Schools Address at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.
Posted 6/7/21

Check out the amazing flash mob video by Palms P.E. students!

P.E. Flash Mob

"When P.E. teacher Ms. Millet steps away, she doesn't suspect that her students are going to show off their dance moves and let loose as a flash mob!"

➡ Flash Mob: Palms Dances!

You can also find the video on the Physical Education page, and there's a remixed version with new music on YouTube.

Posted 6/6/21

housing proposal

LAUSD has shared an update on the previously reported housing proposal, which will be reconsidered by the Board of Education at the Board meeting on Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

The proposal involved converting part of the Palms Middle School campus to employee housing.

The update letter states that the Board of Education will not be considering any specific school sites at this time.

Parents can participate in the Board of Education meeting, and instructions are provided.

Download the letter

English   ⬇ Spanish

Meeting information

Meeting details

Meeting agenda

Posted 6/4/21


Additional details are available for the textbook and device returns during the week of June 7, 2021.

Download the flyer

Students will receive a Palms bumper sticker for on-time returns, while supplies last!

6th and 7th graders returning in the Fall:

  • Return textbooks Monday, June 7 to Friday, June 11, 2021, 2:30pm to 4:30pm.
  • See the flyer for exactly which books to return.

All 8th graders and any 6th and 7th graders not returning in the Fall:

  • Return textbooks and devices Tuesday, June 8 to Friday, June 11, 2021, 2:30pm to 4:30pm.
  • See the flyer for exactly which books to return.

Drop-Off Procedures:

  • Drive east on Woodbine, stopping in front of the auditorium.
  • Place textbooks on a pallet.
  • Place electronic equipment in a gray bin.
  • Wear masks and practice social distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided.

If you are unable to drop off your items during this time period, or if you have questions, email Assistant Principal Mr. Jauregui.

Posted 6/3/21

Virtual Concert

Gold Band performing "Paint it Black"

If you missed the Virtual Concert by the Palms Gold Band, Blue Band, Orchestra, and dozens of soloists, or want to see and hear it again, you can read the program and watch the YouTube videos.

Virtual Concert Program

Virtual Concert Videos

Instrumental music teacher Ms. Jones has done a terrific job, teaching music students remotely and combining individually recorded student performances, for your enjoyment and to show off the skills of Palms students.

Posted 6/2/21