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iPad Rules for Students

iPad Use
  • checkmarkBring your iPad to school daily.
  • Charge your iPad every night so it's charged and ready for use when you bring it to school. A few chargers will be available at school, but students shouldn't routinely depend on them.
  • Keep your name and homeroom on your lockscreen, for quick identification.
  • At school, use your iPad only during class periods. It should be off and put away before school, during passing periods, and during break and lunch.
iPad Safety
  • busWhen traveling to and from school, keep your iPad hidden in your backpack.
  • Do not take your iPad out on the bus, metro train, or in public.
  • Keep your iPad safe and secure when it's at home.
  • Practice safety at all times.
iPad Responsibility
  • thumbs upYour iPad is an educational device, so treat it with respect
  • Do not allow anyone to borrow your iPad. You are responsible for returning it at the end of the school year.
  • You are also responsible for your charger. You must return it at the end of the school year.
  • Keep your passwords secret except from your parents. This includes 4-digit security codes, email passwords, Apple ID passwords, and any other passwords you have.
Appropriate iPad Content
  • thumbs downPractice good digital citizenship by using your iPad only for educational purposes.
  • Apps (software) should be downloaded to an iPad only at the direction of a teacher.
  • Do not download, create, send, post, or share any inappropriate content:        
    • No hate messages.
    • No disparaging words against any ethnic group, religion, race, sexual orientation, or person.
    • No content which would offend a group or person.
    • No offensive pictures.
    • No content that you'd be embarrassed for a parent or teacher to see.