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Lost or Found Something at School?

Visit the Lost and Found area in the Student Services Office.

Forgotten Items

four backpackspencil and penIt is each student's responsibility to bring to school their classroom supplies, homework, P.E. clothes, lunch or lunch money, and anything else they need at school. It is important for students to learn to handle this responsibility. It is NOT the job of parents or school staff to do it for them.

If your child forgets items that he or she was supposed to bring to school, we encourage you to let them learn from the experience. If they have to deal with the consequences themselves they will have a strong incentive to take more responsibility for bringing what they need the next time.

If you do decide to bring forgotten items to school, leave them at the drop-off table in the Student Services Office (see campus map). Students can pick them up during the school day, if they remember to look there. The office staff will NOT interrupt classroom instruction to notify your child, call your child's classroom, or deliver a note or summons to them. This policy is stated in the Student Planner and you should make sure your child is aware of it.

This policy limits disruptions of class instruction and facilitates a full instructional program for all students. We appreciate your cooperation in making sure all students' school days are without interruptions.


It is not normally considered to be an emergency if a student has to buy or share food or even miss lunch because they forgot to bring their own, if they fail to turn in homework on the due date because they didn't bring it to school, if they have to sit out P.E. because they forgot their P.E. clothes, or if they can't participate in a class activity because they forgot their supplies. These are learning experiences that can affect almost any student from time to time.

True emergencies are an exception to the policy explained above. The Student Services office staff will help if a student needs to receive forgotten medicine before the school day is over, if they have a diagnosed health condition that requires eating specific food they don't have with them, or if there is another emergency that affects the health or safety of a student. In such cases, go to the Student Services office and explain the situation.