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For tips and resources from the counselors, see the Counselors Corner.

Head Counselor

Mr. Barbosa

Assistant Principal Mr. Barbosa also serves as our Head Counselor.


The Counseling Office is in the main building, bottom floor, in the corner where the two long hallways meet.

The room number is 127. See the campus map.


Counselors are student advocates.

The first priority for the Palms counselors is making sure that students are placed into the correct academic program. They want to ensure that all students are in the classes best suited to meet their needs.

Throughout the school year, the counselors assist with communication between parents, teachers and students. They continually assess student academic progress and seek resources to address any issues that interfere with learning.

Students: You can talk to your counselor about:

  • Relationship and peer issues or conflicts
  • Feeling depressed, lonely, angry, stressed, etc.
  • Any thoughts of self-harm
  • Personal issues, including divorce or separation of parents, loss of a loved one, etc.
  • How to improve your grades or get tutoring
  • College and careers
  • Referrals to outside counseling as needed
  • Anything else that's on your mind

Students: To contact your counselor, walk in with a pass, email, click the envelope icon below to send a message, send messages in Schoology, or leave a note for your counselor.


Parents: To contact your child's counselor, it's best to phone (see extensions below), email, or click the envelope icon below to send a message.

Your Counselor

Which counselor is yours? It depends on your grade. To make an appointment with your child's counselor or with one or more of your child's teachers, phone or visit the Counseling Office, or send a message by clicking an envelope icon below.

Mobile phone users: The chart below looks best if you turn your phone sideways.

Grade Counselor Photo
6 Mrs. Bradshaw
Counseling Office
Extension 7622
Ms. Bradshaw


Ms. Shin
Counseling Office
Extension 7625
Ms. Shin


Mr. Rodriguez
Counseling Office
Extension 7643

Mr. Rodriguez
All Mrs. Gabriella Avila
Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor
Extension 7626
Mrs. Avila

Students get to know their counselor and have the same counselor each year. Your 6th grade counselor will be next year's 7th grade counselor, and an 8th grade counselor the year after that.


To send a message to a counselor, click or tap an envelope icon below.

  Gabriella Avila Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor
  Rene Barbosa Assistant Principal & Head Counselor
  Tamara Bradshaw Counselor
  Gildardo Rodriguez Counselor
  Sujin Shin Counselor