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Title Photo


Mr. Arturo Enriquez

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Principal Mr. Enriquez

Assistant Principal & Head Counselor

Mr. Rene Barbosa

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Oversees Seventh Grade

Oversees school programs

Title IX Complaint Manager

Assistant Principal   Head Counselor Rene Barbosa

Assistant Principal

Mr. Florentino Jauregui

Oversees Sixth Grade

Oversees the campus

Oversees technology

Mobile Device Manager

Assistant Principal Florentino Jauregui

Assistant Principal

Ms. Anita Prentice

Oversees Eighth Grade

Oversees Special Education

Assistant Principal Ms. Prentice

Categorical Coordinator

Oversees English Learners

Oversees Title I

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  Rene Barbosa Assistant Principal & Head Counselor
  Florentino Jauregui Assistant Principal
  Anita Prentice Assistant Principal