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Friends of Palms is a 501c3 Non-Profit.

For our Fundraising Information Card see the Friends of Palms page.

T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Palms T-shirts are now available for $10. Our shirts are designed by Palms art teachers! The 2018-19 design is available in youth and adult sizes as well as women's V-necks.

You can buy T-shirts while supplies last by speaking to Ms. Gigi at the front entrance, contacting Friends of Palms, or ordering via PayPal (please note the student's name, shirt size, and homeroom number). 

Palms sweatshirts can be purchased from the Student Store or at Friends of Palms events.

Sweatshirts cost $25 and come in many sizes.

P.E. clothes are sold only at the Student Store.

8th grade students: See the Eighth Grade section for class T-shirt and sweatshirt information.

2021-2022 Palms Gear chair: Nirit Brand

History of Palms T-Shirt Designs


Class of 2017 students

Photo used with permission


2016 T-shirt


2015 Student with T-shirt

Photo used with permission

2015 Palms T-shirt


2013 T-shirt


2013 student with T-shirt

Photo used with permission

Look Cool in a Palms T-Shirt

student posing in Palms T-shirt

Photo used with permission.

Stay Warm in a Palms Sweatshirt

Palms Panther sweatshirt

Palms sweatshirt

Photo used with permission.