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Sixth Grade Lunch Club

Sixth Grade Lunch Club is held each day of the week during lunch in August and September. The purpose is to let sixth graders meet other students in a small and friendly setting as they get used to their new campus.

A different sixth grade teacher presides over the group each day.

Students need a pass, which they can get from their teacher. They must stay the entire lunch period.

Parents who are concerned about how easily their sixth grader will make new friends can encourage their children to sign up for Sixth Grade Lunch Club.

Mobile phone users: The chart below looks best if you turn your phone sideways.

Lunch Club Schedule


Day Teacher(s) Room
Monday Ms. Igarashi 48
Tuesday Ms. Gipson 56
Wednesday Ms. March 46
Thursday Mr. Kim 45
Friday Mr. Gomez 55

Lunch Club teachers change from year to year. These teachers have participated:

Ms. L. Clark

Ms. Gipson

Mr. Gomez

Ms. Igarashi

Ms. Kelley

Mr. Kim

Ms. March

lunch box, courtesy lakeshorelearning