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Can you find the 6th grade bungalows on the campus map?

The 6th grade bungalow room numbers are 42 through 59.


Ms. Bradshaw

Mrs. Bradshaw is the Sixth Grade Counselor


Mr. Jauregui

Mr. Jauregui is the Assistant Principal in charge of Sixth Grade events.


To contact them, click or tap an envelope icon below or phone Palms.

  Tamara Bradshaw Counselor
  Florentino Jauregui Assistant Principal

Sixth Grade

Sixth grade students have their academic classes in their own part of campus: the sixth grade bungalows.

They have one teacher for English and Social Science and one teacher for Mathematics and Science. The two teachers "team teach," which means that they coordinate their lessons across the 4 subjects and also coordinate homework and testing schedules.

Sixth grade students are on the rest of the campus for elective classes, P.E., break, and lunch.

Students in the Modern Media and Communications Magnet learn journalistic writing and reporting, and maintain blogs that are published and shared with peers.


Click or tap to explore any of these sixth grade programs:


Community Service


Events and Enrichment

Just for Fun

Modern Media and Communications Magnet

Physical Education

Pi Day

Reader s Theater

Sixth Grade Olympics