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Science Fair

Hints for the Science Fair Project

Week of May 5th:

  • Students, start typing your project, if you haven't already started to do so.
  • Make sure you test your experiment at least three times and record your findings in a table /chart.
  • As you make your observations, write details. Make note of interesting  or unexpected findings.  This will help you with your picture captions, result paragraph or conclusion.  
  • Use Mr. Rubin's website if you need extra copies of handouts.
  • Remember to keep all of your papers together.
  • Save everything you type in your computer's hard-drive and a USB.  If possible, email yourself/parents a copy of your project (including the powerpoint).

Week of May 12th:

  • This is the last week to work on your project.
  • Use this week to edit your project, check the graphs and finish the powerpoint presentation.

Monday, May 19th:

  • Turn in your project.
  • Practice for your oral presentation. EMAIL ME YOUR POWERPOINT.


Links for Science Fair Project

  1. Take a survey, review the scientific method, learn about how to organize your display board - Science Buddies
  2. Learn about the scientific method and test what you know - The Scientific Method
  3. Create graphs using your tables for your experiment - NCES Kids' Zone
  4. Get ideas for science project, watch videos and review guidelines for your project - Steve Spangler Science