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Palms works closely with local law enforcement if there is an incident in our neighborhood.

Safety is always the #1 priority at Palms.

Safety Drills

first aid kit

The safety of our students is our top priority. Following LAUSD policies, Palms holds four or five types of safety drills throughout the school year, two or three each month:

  • Drop Drill, also called Drop/Take Cover Drill: Students practice safety measures to prevent harm during an earthquake. Students protect their heads, take cover under desks and tables, and move away from windows and glass.
  • Fire Drill: Students learn to evacuate classrooms safely in the event of a fire.
  • Lock Down Drill: Students move to the safety of a classroom or closest building when there is imminent danger either on campus or in the neighborhood, such as from a loose animal, community incident, or police action.
  • Shelter in Place Drill: Similar to a Lock Down Dril. Used when there is an environmental threat, such as a chemical spill, fire, or insect swarm in the area.
  • ShakeOut Drill: Students evacuate to the P.E. field, simulating an earthquake event. This drill is held on or near the date of the annual Great California Shakeout. In the event of an actual earthquake or on-site emergency, parents will pick up students at the Reunion Gate on the P.E. side of Palms Blvd. Details are in the Emergency Procedures section of the Health and Safety page.

These types of emergencies are unlikely to occur, but Palms is determined to be prepared!

2021-2022 Safety Drill Schedule

The schedule has not yet been determined.

2020-2021 Safety Drill Schedule
Safety Drills
Date Drill Period
Wed Aug 19 Fire Drill 2
Wed Sep 2 Drop Drill 2
Tue Sep 22 Drop Drill 5
Tue Oct 13 Radio Test Drill  
Thu Oct 15 ShakeOut Drill 3
Thu Nov 5 Fire Drill 6
Wed Nov 18 Drop Drill 6
Tue Dec 1 Fire Drill 2
Wed Dec 9 Lockdown Drill 6
Thu Dec 17 Drop Drill 2
Thu Jan 14 Fire Drill 4
Thu Jan 21 Drop Drill 2
Wed Feb 3 Fire Drill 5
Thu Feb 18 Drop Drill 3
Mon Mar 1 Lock Down Drill 1
Fri Mar 5 Fire Drill 2
Thu Mar 18 Drop Drill 1
Mon Apr 5 Fire Drill 6
Wed Apr 21 Drop Drill 2
Mon May 3 Drop Drill 4
Thu May 20 Fire Drill 2
Wed Jun 2 Fire Drill 1