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Run 4 Fun

Previous Run 4 Fun Program

LA84 FoundationThe annual LA84 Foundation Run 4 Fun Festival features a 2-kilometer cross country race at a recreational area in December. Students from Palms and more than 2 dozen other schools run by age group. The LA84 program is still funded from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, so the event is free.

Students must sign up for Run 4 Fun and submit their running times for two 800-meter runs and two 1000-meter runs. There is a deadline for sign-ups so interested students should talk to their P.E. teacher.

Palms students go to Run 4 Fun as a field trip, by bus, starting and ending at school. One year Palms took 5 busloads of students!

2022 Run 4 Fun Race and Festival

Schedule to be announced


Mr. Mullaney

Individual Medal Winners, 2018

Individual medals went to the top five finishers in every race, and Palms had several medal winners. 

6th Grade Girls

  • Katelyn Sandoval, 3rd place
  • Kayla Pincus, 2nd place

6th Grade Boys

  • Johnathan Gomez, 5th place
  • Juan Martinez, 4th place
  • Nathan Schumacher, 3rd place
  • James Moore, 2nd place

7th Grade Girls

  • Naomi Whitfield, 5th place
  • Sherilynne Chensam, 3rd place
  • Gia Maldonado finished first overall with the fastest girls' time of the whole day: 7 minutes and 55 seconds!

8th Grade Girls

  • Sofia Prinzo, 4th place
  • Kiana Sievers, 2nd place

8th Grade Boys

  • Joseph Kung, 5th place