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Run 4 Fun

Run 4 Fun

Note: The LA84 Foundation has "paused" its Run 4 Fun program and is planning an alternative youth running program that could begin in 2020.

Previous Run 4 Fun Program

LA84 FoundationThe annual LA84 Foundation Run 4 Fun Festival features a 2-kilometer cross country race at a recreational area in December. Students from Palms and more than 2 dozen other schools run by age group. The LA84 program is still funded from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, so the event is free.

Students must sign up for Run 4 Fun and submit their running times for two 800-meter runs and two 1000-meter runs. There is a deadline for sign-ups so interested students should talk to their P.E. teacher.

Palms students go to Run 4 Fun as a field trip, by bus, starting and ending at school. One year Palms took 5 busloads of students!

2020 Run 4 Fun Race and Festival

There will be no Run 4 Fun this year.


Mr. Mullaney

Individual Medal Winners, 2018

Individual medals went to the top five finishers in every race, and Palms had several medal winners. 

6th Grade Girls

  • Katelyn Sandoval, 3rd place
  • Kayla Pincus, 2nd place

6th Grade Boys

  • Johnathan Gomez, 5th place
  • Juan Martinez, 4th place
  • Nathan Schumacher, 3rd place
  • James Moore, 2nd place

7th Grade Girls

  • Naomi Whitfield, 5th place
  • Sherilynne Chensam, 3rd place
  • Gia Maldonado finished first overall with the fastest girls' time of the whole day: 7 minutes and 55 seconds!

8th Grade Girls

  • Sofia Prinzo, 4th place
  • Kiana Sievers, 2nd place

8th Grade Boys

  • Joseph Kung, 5th place