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City of Angels

City Of Angels School
221 S. Eastman Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90063

Main phone: 323-415-8350

Enrollment questions: 213-443-1300

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Remote Learning

Ciyt of Angels

Parents with concerns about health, safety, or social/emotional adjustments can choose to have their student participate in remote (Zoom-based) learning.

What's Different?

Students who come to campus have a normal 5-day-a-week instructional program, with normal school hours, moving from classroom to classroom with multiple teachers.

Students in remote learning will instead enroll in the City of Angels independent study program, stay home, and receive Zoom-based instruction.

Student in this online program will have three 70-minute online periods per day, each with at least 40 minutes of direct interaction with their teachers.

They will not have Palms Middle School teachers or participate in any Palms clubs, activities, or sports.

Magnet and SAS Status

Students will not attend Palms while they are in the remote learning program, but they will retain their position at Palms.

If a student was in the Palms SAS program, they can return to that program if they change back to on-campus instruction.

Magnet students retain their Magnet status and Magnet points whether they are on campus or in the remote-learning program.


Enrolling at the City of Angels is like switching from one LAUSD school to another. The student will unenroll at Palms Middle School while enrolling at City of Angels.

You can enroll for City of Angels through the Parent Portal.

For the start of the Fall semester, the enrollment deadline is usually near the end of July.

For questions about enrolling later in the school year, contact City of Angels using the contact form on the left.

Changing Your Choice

Changing from on-campus learning to remote learning or changing from remote learning to on-campus learning is possible. It's like switching from one LAUSD school to another, so the decision should be considered carefully.

Since students will leave one set of teachers and be assigned to a new set of teachers, care should be taken to minimize disruption to the student's academic progress. For that reason, it would be better to change on a semester break or year break than during a semester.

For questions about changing between on-campus learning and remote learning, contact City of Angels using the contact form on the left.