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Random Acts of Citizenship

Each month, Palms faculty select students who are especially engaged in class, demonstrating an eagerness to learn and setting an example for their classmates.

The monthly winners are listed on the padlet maintained by students in the Leadership elective.

➡ View the padlet

Winners are entered in a monthly drawing that awards $10 gift cards to a student from each grade level.

Congratulations to these amazing students!

March 2021

6th Grade
  • Ryan Chaudhary
  • Karlo Gaspar
  • Daniel Paredes
7th Grade
  • David Cardova
  • Isabella Hernandez
  • India Lewis
8th Grade
  • Angela Ivanova
  • Julian Mendieta
  • Genessis Pineda

February 2021

6th Grade
  • Helina Dagne

Helina Dagne

  • Gabriel Damiao

Gabriel Damiao

  • Melina Martinez

Melina Martinez

7th Grade
  • Steven Carlyle

Steven Carlyle

  • Frank Evans

Frank Evans

  • Kidist Jatana

Kidist Jatana

8th Grade
  • Efe Ismailoglu

Efe Ismailoglu

  • Brandon Ruiz Cruz

Brandon Ruiz Cruz

  • Joann Thomas

Joann Thomas