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Prime Time Games

Palms participates in the Prime Time Games.

Created in 2004, Prime Time Games is Team Prime Time’s full-inclusion, peer-mentor sports program wherein the TPT students coach and play alongside children with developmental disabilities.

As the centerpiece of the TPT Leadership component, the GAMES give at-risk middle school students the opportunity to give back to their community by creating an invaluable social and recreational environment that is truly a win-win situation, with both “athlete” and “coach” enjoying benefits that last a lifetime.

For many of the “athletes” the Print Time Games represent the only chance to participate in a “real,” structured sports program.

Each Academic Year consists of three 10-week seasons at the middle school level: Fall, Winter and Spring. The Fall and Spring Seasons culminate with Championship Saturday, which is hosted by the UCLA Athletic Department in Spring. All told, the middle school “coaches” and “athletes” work together 30 weeks a year!

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LAUSD Games runners