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Pi Day Poster

Pi Day Poster

All Time Winner

Sixth grader Helina Hailu won the 2015 Pi Day Challenge by memorizing and reciting 1005 digits of pi.

This is an all-time Palms record!

Helina Hailu

Pi Day

pi symbol

Pi Day

Tuesday, March 14, 2023


Pi Day celebrates the mathematical number π (pi).

A Pi Day celebration, organized by our sixth grade math teachers, is held on March 14 (better known as 3/14) if it's a school day, or a day close to 3/14.

On Pi Day students learn about pi by reading stories, measuring the circumferences and diameters of circles, and recording the ratios. They confirm that pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter no matter how big or small the circle is.

Students are asked to record the digits of pi on graph paper and to memorize as many digits as they can. They enjoy the challenge and can be heard reciting digits to each other during homeroom and break. Most students learn at least a few digits and some learn hundreds!

Pi Day is a fun teaching experience for our sixth grade math teachers and a fun learning experience for our 6th grade students. We can't wait for next year!

Pi Day Challenge

Each math class holds an in-class pi-memorization contest and enjoys circular treats donated by parents (thanks, parents!). The top representative from each 6th grade math class competes in a final contest and all of these finalists get a certificate and sometimes a pizza lunch.

The students who can write the most digits of pi are our Pi Day Challenge winners. Each gets a winner certificate and sometimes a fast food certificate or Free Math Homework pass.

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