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Phone Calls

As a parent you should make sure that your correct phone numbers are on file at Palms. You will fill out an Emergency Card when school begins but it's up to you to notify the Student Services office (see campus map) if your phone numbers change.

Palms teachers or administrators may phone you to discuss your child or to return a phone call from you.

See also: Contact Palms Middle School

Automated Phone Calls

You will receive an automated recorded phone call from the school information system whenever your child has been marked absent from school.

You may also receive an automated call when a change has been to the school calendar or when there is news of importance to all parents.

The weekly email will let you know of routine school news and announcements, but you should also watch this website and attend the monthly Friends of Palms/PTSA meetings.


See also

The Cell Phones and Electronic Devices policy in the General Campus Rules.