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English and History

6th Grade Leadership

Room : Bungalow 45

Period Class
1 Honors English 6
2 Honors History 6
3  English 6
4  History 6
5 6th Grade Leadership
6 Conference Period

Mr. Kim

Welcome to Mr. Kim's Sixth Grade English, History of Ancient Civilizations, and 6th Grade Leadership !  Email :

This is my 21st year as an educator and I am thrilled to be part of our team effort to experience :

  • Various literature and student writing in English.
  • The diverse tapestry of cultures, innovations, and ideas in Ancient Civilizations.
  • Host various events in our Leadership class.

I look forward to working with all of you !




Students who are absent : It is your responsibility to turn in missed work when you return and get the missed assignment.

PLEASE look at the classroom supplies list to see what you will need for this year.

( If you are not in my Leadership class, please ignore that section. )

( All course syllabus and class rules and expectations will be posted and hard copy will be handed to students for parents during the first week of school. )

Please visit the section for your class:


History of Ancient Civilizations

6th Grade Leadership



Be sure that you have your classroom supplies.

* MUSIC MONDAYS (5 minutes during English or History ) 

Each Monday, while students are working, I will roll out my Music Mondays program as they either read in English class or do classwork in History. We will alternate the following :

  • Mozart Monday ( classical music; and we've all read the studies related to Mozart on a young scholar's mind. )
  • Meditation Monday ( meditation music; Indian sitar or Ravi Shankar; meditation as a means for students to stay focused. )
  • Monk, Thelonious Monday (jazz or/and jazz pianist, Thelonious Monk.)
  • Mash-Up Monday ( World Music from Mexico to Morocco; etc. )

Basic Reminders :

* No Name Folder

There is a No Name Folder in the back on the bookshelf. Sort through it during this conference or/and Break time or when it is not disrupting instruction. Do not disrupt instruction to resolve No Name issues.


No Name assignments will be graded but with a grade reduction as a penalty.

For example, an “ A “ assignment will be reduced to a “B.”


* Late Work

I do allow late work with no penalty for students with an excused absence or various family or personal situations with a parent note. Without one, I will still receive late work but with a grade reduction as a penalty.


* Absent

When you are absent, my homework is on

Go under “Teachers,”  “Kim, Yong.” Obviously, you are on it right now.

Look at the front of my web page, as well as click on “ Calendar “ on the left and see the due dates and email me about the assignment you are missing.


The best time to get an explanation on an assignment that you missed is NOT during instructional time but during Break time. Tell me or email me you want to see me so I will stay in class during Break.

You are also responsible for turning in Missed Work.


Checklist for success :   -Organized notebook/binder    -Student Planner

-Planning your time wisely      -Make school success your priority

-Tell Mr. Kim right away if you don’t understand an assignment. Don’t say, “ I didn’t get it “ on the day it is due.    -Focus during instruction  -Positive attitude

-Don’t whine about new challenges. Take it on with courage and enthusiasm.

-Pick your friends wisely. Pick friends that want to succeed.

-Remember : “ When life knocks you down, you get back up. “ Believe in yourself.   

-Find a relative or friend to help you study.



Lift Every Voice And Sing performance by Mr. Kim's students on 2/24/2017 at Black History Month Program
Parents: Sign up to Receive My Messages

Parents and students ( with parent's permission ) may sign up to receive text messages about upcoming homework or projects through the REMIND ( ) program.

Before school starts, I encourage all students and parents sign up.


English/Ancient Civ   Text to 81010  the code  @h82hd   

Leadership    Text to 81010  the code  @cg936h


You can also email me  at





See also the Contact Mr. Kim section at the left.

Homework and Classwork ( Click on ALL NOTES if it is an old assignment. )

Zoom Info Friday 5/29


Hello. Friday (5/29) is our Zoom at 10 AM for Period 1 and 2 and 11 AM for Period 3 and 4. Please sign on using your real name and turn on your video. 

Please be ready to have questions related to your Career Essay.

We will also play Ancient Greece And Rome Bingo. Download attachment.

Meeting ID : 513-280-0034

Passcode : 345670


Leadership :

Hello. Friday (5/29) is our Zoom at 1 pm for Leadership. Please sign on using your real name and turn on your video. 

We have speakers talking to you about their careers for Career Day Zoom in our Leadership Class.

Meeting ID : 513-280-0034

Passcode : 345670


Thank you. Take care.


Week 11 ( Final Work For English, History, and Leadership )- Due June 7, 2020


Hello. Please look at the assignments on Schoology instead. I posted this just in case there is a Schoology access issue. The video of my persuasive essay instruction is only on Schoology under Discussion. My English students must watch the video and comment or write one question to get points for it. Good luck.

See you on Friday for our Zoom. Take care.  -Mr. Kim


English ( Read this on Schoology instead.)

Hello, students. This is the FINAL assignment for English. You are to write a persuasive essay on why you should be hired for a career choice of your dream. 

You need to do the research all the education you need to get this dream job. You are going to pretend you graduated from that education institution like a college or university or trade school and received all the training necessary to get that job position.

You also need to reflect on other two major reasons why you should be hired. Once again, do the research.

You are also making up other qualifications pretending ( or not pretending ) you have these traits to be hired.

Look at all examples before you begin.

Essay should fit the sentence requirements on the Master Copy attachment.

It must be typed. You must show clear evidence of your research for your career choice.

You must highlight or underline what is mentioned in the video.

Before you begin, watch my video of me teaching persuasive essay in the separate post called " Discussion " and write one comment or question for points. ( Video available on Schoology only.)

Best of luck.

( History and Leadership will be posted under that category. )


History ( Please look at Schoology instead.)

Look at the PowerPoint on Ancient Rome.

Now, title a Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint as "Socratic Seminar On Ancient Rome"

Socratic Seminar is when you learn by asking questions instead of just learning facts.

After looking at the powerpoint, think of 10 different questions you have about Ancient Rome.

Each slide gets its own Socratic Seminar question. But you must also answer your own Socratic Seminar question in 2-3 sentences by doing the research. You are also to paste one picture related to your Socratic Seminar question or/amd answer.

Slide 1 : Title

Slides 2-11 : Socratic Seminar Questions, Answers, and Pictures.





Leadership ( Do on Schoology instead.)

"Soundtrap Podcast" ( This is your last assignment for me. Due Sunday June 7, 2020. Notice new extended due date.)

-Go on Schoology. Click Courses under Schoology. On the left hand side, there is a list of things. Soundtrap is close to the bottom. Click that.

-Then, click "Approve" which opens a new window. Click "My Studio" and then "Podcast."

- Record a 1-2 minute music beat that you created.

- Write at least 20 sentences. Choose one of the topics :


"Suggestions On How To Be Strong During This Quarantine"


 "How I Demonstrated My Leadership Skills This Year"


  "The Hope I Still Have And Positive Thoughts About The Future"


-As Leadership students, you must be inspirational but you can also be funny.

-Record yourself reading this on Soundtrap.

-Mix the music you created and your voice recording together.

- Save and share it with me at






Zoom Info Friday May 22, 2020 English/History and Leadership


Hello. Hope you're all doing well. You must log in using your real name and please turn on your Video for security's sake.

English : We will play Famous Authors Bingo for prizes. Leadership : We will discuss podcast topics. Take care.

Period 1and 2 : Log on at 9:55. Starts at 10.

Period 3 and 4 : Log on at 10:55. Starts at 11.

Period 5 : Log on at 12:55. Starts at 1.


Meeting ID : 513-280-0034

Passcode : 227227

Week 10 Monday 5/18/2020 to Friday 5/22/2020 Work for English, History, and Leadership


Hope you're doing well. I miss all of you. This is Week 10. Next week, Week 11 is the last week of work. Week 12 will be Study Hall to turn in late work ( with no grade penalty) but Extra Credit work will be posted. See you on Zoom this Friday.  Take care.  -Mr. Kim


English :


- Log on to BrainPOP ( Sign up for the Free Access button at the top of If you are still having access issues, email me.)

- On BrainPOP, click on English and then "Famous Authors and Books." 

-You are to watch four videos each day. ( Each one is under 5 minutes). 4 videos per day times 5 days = 20 videos.

-Title a Microsoft Word Doc or Google Doc as " Brain Pop Famous Authors and Books. "

- For each video, write the title, write 3 facts, one opinion, and a question you have for this book or author. 5 bulletin points in complete sentences for each video.

-Send it to me when you are done watching all 20.


History :


Part I

-You have to read this from my Palms page at to get the textbook and glossary and biography attachments.

- Open a Google Doc Slides and title it : " Ancient Rome Google Slides. "

- For each word, you need to write the word, paste a picture, write the glossary or biography definition ( attached), and write how the book uses the word.

-The word list is on page 323 of the attached Roman Empire Textbook ( if you are reading this on Schoology, go on my Palms site to get the attachments). Do this till the last word, Spartacus (he would be in Biography and not Glossary because he is a person. )

-Email me Google Slides by clicking Share at the top and typing in my email :


Part II :


Copy and paste this link about Roman Gladiators :


On a sheet of paper : draw your design for your Roman Gladiator. Hand-drawn and colored.

Put your name on it. List 5 facts below it.

You may send this to me as a picture (.jpg ) or copy and paste on to a Google Slides or Google Doc or Word.



Leadership :


"Soundtrap Podcast" ( This is your last assignment for me. Due Tuesday June 2, 2020. )

-Go on Schoology. Click Courses under Schoology. On the left hand side, there is a list of things. Soundtrap is close to the bottom. Click that.

-Then, click "Approve" which opens a new window. Click "My Studio" and then "Podcast."

- Record a 1-2 minute music beat that you created.

- Write at least 20 sentences. Choose one of the topics :


"Suggestions On How To Be Strong During This Quarantine"


 "How I Demonstrated My Leadership Skills This Year"


  "The Hope I Still Have And Positive Thoughts About The Future"


-As Leadership students, you must be inspirational but you can also be funny.

-Record yourself reading this on Soundtrap.

-Mix the music you created and your voice recording together.

- Save and share it with me at





Zoom Meeting Info Friday 5/15/2020


Hello. Hope you're all doing well. You must log in using your real name and please turn on your Video for security's sake. Take care.

Period 1and 2 : Log on at 9:55. Starts at 10.

Period 3 and 4 : Log on at 10:55. Starts at 11.

Period 5 : Log on at 12:55. Starts at 1.


Meeting ID : 513-280-0034

Passcode : 96301

Week 9 Monday 5/11/2020-5/15/2020 Friday


Hope you're doing well. Stay strong and healthy. Email me for any homework help or for anything. See you on Zoom on Friday.  Take care.   -Mr. Kim


English : " Random Photo Stories " 

- You are to find a random photo. It can be a photo you found on the internet or a photo you found in an old magazine or a photo album.

- You are to create a short story based on this photo. Start by describing the setting ( even if you don't see it ). Describe the protagonist of this story and what the conflict is and give it a quick resolution. Give the photo and story a title. It should be in 3rd person. The story should at least be 15 sentences.


Each day, paste the photo on a Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Put the random photo on top and then write below it.  5 stories total.

( I have an example on my webpage at )


History : " Ancient Greeks and Persian Wars " or " Persian Empire " and "Alexander The Great " YouTube 

You must watch 2 videos on either Ancint Greeks and Persian Wars or on the Persian Empire itself. Type in the above titles but add the word "For Kids" after it or "For Middle Schoolers."

You must also watch 2 videos on Alexander The Great. Type in "For Kids" or "For Middle Schoolers. "

Write the title of the 4 videos you watched on a Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Write a 5 sentences summary about it and one reflection question for each video.



This is the week for you to get familiar with the Soundtrap Podcast App on Schoology. See if you can create a one-minute beat or song using it. You will write a monologue, next week to read over it.

Mr. Kim Zoom Log In Info For Friday 5/8/2020 For English/History And Leadership


Hello, students ! I miss you. Hope you and your family are doing well. Contact me if you need any homework help or any help, in general. See you for Zoom on Friday.

Please log in with your real name and turn on video for security's sake.


My English students, please have one haiku ready. 


My Leadership students, please be ready to share one sign for healthcare workers. We will also continue our Customer Service Improv.


Period 1 and 2 : Please log in at 9: 55 AM. Starts at 10.


Period 3 and 4 : Please log in at 10 : 55 AM. Starts at 11.


Leadership : Please log in at 12:55 PM. Starts at 1.


Meeting ID : 513-280-0034

Password : 46810


Keep Calm And Carry On. Wishing you strength and good health.   -Mr. Kim


Week 8 Monday 5/4/2020-5/8/2020 Friday English, History, and Leadership

Hope you're hanging in there. You may email me just to say hi or get homework help or help on anything. Stay strong and healthy.
Our Zoom will be on Friday. Please check back here for log in information.     Take care.   -Mr. Kim
Haiku Google Slides
Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. First line has 5 syllables, second line has 7 syllables, and third line has 5 syllables. It can be about nature, people, emotions, etc.
     " My Dog Haiku "
Sloppy puddles. Wet.  ( 5 syllables )
My dog's feet, tracking muddy ( 7 syllables )
Paw prints on my floor. ( 5 syllables )
*Each day, you need to create 2 haikus about a family member, friend, someone famous, your role model, emotion, a place, etc. NOTE : But one of the 2 haikus for each day must be about a family member or a friend. The other can be any category. 2 haikus times 5 days equal 10 haikus. Poems must be 5,7,5 pattern.
*You must draw by hand or/and copy and paste two photographs and images based on the 2 haikus each day. Example, let's say your haikus for Day One was about your dog and and the other was about Dodger Stadium. You can copy and paste a dog at Dodger Stadium or draw it. If there is a found image that already has both things in it, you can go ahead and paste one. You may also include photographs of the person you wrote about.
* Slide One is Title : " Haikus" Name, Date, and Period
* Slide Two To Six must each contain :
- 2 haikus with titles for each one ( one each day must be about an actual family or friend).
- Hand-drawn 2 images combined or/and copied and pasted images or/and photographs.
* Put this all on one Google Slides images and click Share and send to
* Ancient Greek Inventions Slides
* You are to research online 10 Greek Inventions.
* Open Google Slides. Title it " Ancient Greek Inventions. "
* Each day, you are to write 2 Ancient Greek Inventions. You need to say what it is and explain its use in 6 sentences total ( 3 sentences per invention). You have to draw and color that one invention of the two for each day. 
* NOTE :  2 inventions with 6 sentences (3 per one invention) and one handdrawn image each day times 5 days equals = 10 inventions; 30 sentences total for the whole week; 5 images handdrawn.
* Google Slides . Slide 1 is the title; Slides 2- 6 are the images with sentences.
Please send as a Google Slide by clicking the Share button on the top right and puttting in my email: ysk4725@lausd,net
* "Thank You Healthcare Workers ! " Signs
* You must design and create an original thank you sign for all healthcare workers. You need to design two signs. They must be colored.
* Photograph both signs by themselves and photograph you holding each sign separately. A total of 4 photographs.
* Email them to me as a .jpg attachment to
* I am going to make a slideshow and email it to hospitals such as Kaiser and Cedars Sinai.

Wacky Zoom Info Friday May 1, 2020


Hello ! Ms. Clark and I miss you very much. We hope you are doing well. This week is our Study Hall week so please catch up on assignments. Extra Credit is for those of you that turned in everything.

For Wacky Zoom, we are encouraging you to wear something wacky or funny or cool. It can be as simple as funny sunglasses to your old Halloween costume. No weapons or anything inappropriate, please.

There will be a Costume Contest for all 3 Zooms including Leadership.





Our Periods 1-4 : Please memorize a joke ( nothing about the Coronavirus, please ) and be prepared to share when you are called upon. 

Also, have a paper and marker at hand. We will vote for the following categories :  Most Intelligent, Best Artist, Best Smile, Best Quarantine Hair, Best Dancer, Funniest, Friendliest/Reliable, and Most Likely To Be Famous.

Leadership : Make sure you have a partner to work with. We will do a Bad Customer Service Improv with wacky costumes. One is a manager and one is the annoyed customer.

You must use real names to log in and turn your video on for security's sake.



Mr. Kim's Period 1/2 ( Ms. Clark's Period 3/4) : 10 AM  ( Accept at 9:55)


Mr. Kim's Period 3/4 ( Ms. Clark's 1/2 ) : 11 AM ( Accept at 10 : 55 )


Leadership : 1 PM ( Accept at 12 : 55 )


Meeting ID : 513-280-0034

Password : 2274552


Stay strong and healthy.   See you soon.   - Mr. Kim and Ms. Clark

Week 7 Study Hall ( Catch Up ) Week Monday 4/27-5/1/2020 English/History/Leadership


Hello, students ! Hope you're doing well ! We miss you ! Please go on YouTube and type in Palms Staff Loves Their Students. Wishing you the best. -Mr.Kim

So Week 7 is Study Hall. It is time for you to catch up on everything that you did not turn in yet. Scroll down to see work for all classes from Week 1 till now. If you are done with everything, you may do the Extra Credit. If you turn in the Extra Credit before turning in the work you owe, it will be returned to you without credit. This applies to both my class and Ms. Clark's. There will be another post about our Zoom on Friday ( Ms. Clark will be joining us for the 10 and 11 AM one ). 


IMPORTANT : If you are looking for earlier work from Week 1 on my Palms webpage, you must click on "View All" at the bottom of the webpage to see earlier work.


Week 7 ( Extra Credit : Bonus 500. Not mandatory. Finish the assignmenets you owe me FIRST. )

English (Extra Credit ) : Look at Week 6's Greek Philosophers' Stories. Pick the 5 other Greek quotes you did NOT use for Week 6's work. NOw, do the same assignment but this time title it : " Extra Credit 5 OTHER Greek Quotes Short Stories. " Same requirements apply so please reread the instructions written in Week 6 post.

IMPORTANT : If you finally caught up on Week 1 and Week 2's Read Theory of 50 quizzes total and you did not receive credit on Schoology, please email me. Remember :  you had to create a new account with the words : NEW added to your first and last name as your new account.

History ( Extra Credit 500 Points ) : Greek Myth Monsters Slides. Go on Google or Yahoo and type in Greek Myth Monsters. Open Google Slides. First slide is Greek Myth Monsters title with your name, date, and period. Now, each slide you will include a picture of a Greek myth monster that you drew ( Medusa, as an example ). It must be colored. Each slide must include the name of the monster and 5 important facts about it in complete sentences. You must draw 5 different monsters pasted from your photographs on 5 different slides (similar to the Greek Gods assignment from before).


Leadership ( Extra Credit : 500 Points) : Please finish the other assignments first. " 5 Movies Or/And Books That Inspired Me. " Do this on Google Slides. Slide 1 is the title with your name, date, and period. Slide 2-6 : Each slide has a picture of an important movie or book that inspired you. You need to write a 10 sentence reflection on how it inspired you.


Parents and students, email me by clicking here.

Mr. Kim at Abu Simbel in Egypt

Photo: My visit to Abu Simbel in Egypt, one of the many countries I have visited.

Click to see more of Mr. Kim's Photos.



Palms Middle School  6th Grade Leadership Class Parent Letter


Mr. Kim   Email :    Conference period : 6


I want to welcome all of you to our Leadership class. I don’t see you as just one of my students but as a 6th Grade Representative of Palms Middle School. You will represent the best of Palms Middle School. You should know this and hold this as something to live up to everyday you are at our school.


Here is the course outline of what we will be doing when we are not planning or participating in school events :


Monday : Meditation Monday. Socratic Seminar of a Famous Role Model. ( After deep breathing and meditation exercises, students in a Socratic Seminar session will research someone they admire and conduct a role playing interview session. )


Tuesday : Broadcast Tuesday ( Students will present the Socratic Seminar Interview as News Hosts. )

Wednesday : Wild Wednesday. ( It will either be Game Day of Chess or Comedy Improv or Sketch Comedy Day Or Classic Movie Day-Charlie Chaplin. )


Thursday : Broadcast Thursday. ( Students will present Hero Or Heroine Of The Week as News Hosts. )


Friday : Volunteer Friday. ( Some students will implement school’s Recycling Program. Other students will assist other teachers, administration, librarian, Special Ed students, etc. in various tasks. Some will host Mr. Kim’s Japanese Anime/KPop Club during lunch. )


All of this schedule will depend on various events that we will be hosting such as : 

Geography Bee   Book Fair   Dia de los Muertos Assembly

Winter Dance   Pi Day    Black History Month Assembly   

Chinese New Year   SCRIPPS Spelling Bee   Elementary School Tours  

6th Grade Farewell Picnic    Various Fundraisers


Culminating trip : Catalina Sailing Trip for those that qualify. More info throughout the year.


Necessary supplies :  Composition Book or One Subject Notebook

pencil   pens   access to printer   art supplies such as paint and brush



RECOMMENDED : All parents and guardians along with their child should sign up for my REMIND ( ) text homework reminder. You will also get text reminders about important school activities. ( Parents must sign up both for parent and student’s cellphones. ) Also, please check my teacher page at

Leadership      Text to 81010  the code  @cg936h 

Since you are a representative of our school, we expect you to keep up with your grades and be an outstanding, respectful student.

Grades will be based on participation, cooperation, team spirit, and completion of various tasks including the assignments listed above.