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Video Production Locker
Current Assignments

Period 3 Video Production

Screenwriter David Weiss Visits the class
Screenwriter David Weiss visits the class 2015
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Examples of student videos are located on our Palms Middle School YouTube Channel.  Click on this link:

Welcome to Video Production at Palms Middle School!

Welcome to Video Production!

This class is designed to introduce 7th and 8th grade middle school students to the fundamentals of digital film/video production. Students will be engaged in hands-on experiences, use communications skills, and develop strategies to learn the basics filmmaking: pre-production, production, and post-production.

            Students will produce video products in the form of narrative/dramatic, informational/documentary, promotional/persuasive, and creative/music video. Using their ipads and video cameras, they will have a general overview and experience shooting videos, sound recording /engineering, and editing using iMovie and Final Cut Pro. The students will work individually, with partners, and collaborate in groups to make these productions and eventually will upload the finished videos to our class website. As they use technology, students will also develop skills in planning, organization, script writing, interpersonal communication, team building, and media literacy. Students will participate in every aspect of video production from editing to directing on-screen talent.




Current Assignments

Dear friends and family of our students,

Please contact Mrs. Clark if you know anyone that could:

1.  Visit our class as a guest speaker

2.  Enable us to visit a film or video studio or facility for a field trip

3.  Donate production equipment

4.  Become a benefactor for donating new computers to Palms

5. Any other "industry" contact that could benefit the Video Production class here at Palms