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Health / Life Science

Room 141

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Period 7th Grade Health/Life Science
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5 Regular Education
6 Honors

Mrs. Santana

Spring Semester 2017 Syllabus

Palms Middle School

Spring Semester 2017 Health/Life Science

Mrs. Santana

January 9, 2017


Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,


Due to the new changes with my lessons, assignments, testing, and grading on Schoology, I found it necessary to create a Spring Semester Class Syllabus.  Because Palm’s Middle School has been assigned as a pilot school to implement the usage of Schoology next school year, so Schoology it is !   Schoology is an online course management system that provides teachers with a method of managing lessons, engaging students, and more. Teachers can use the site to take attendance, use an online grade book, post discussion questions, homework, test/quizzes, files, links, and other information.  Students are able to access all class information (assignments, grades, events), take quizzes and test, upload files through online dropbox, be organized, download and print files from home, and much more.  Parents are able to observe their student’s assignments, grades, and calendars while staying involved in their education.

The process for parents to sign-up is as follows:

            1.  Login to Passport

              2.  Click on your student’s name

              3.  Click on Grades and Assignments.  (This will take you to Schoology, where you  

                   can see all your child’s courses, their assignments and current overall grade. 


To assist in the success of Schoology, the following rules and expectations will be implemented and strongly enforced.   

  1. iPads need to be brought to school charged daily.
  2. Maintenance of iPads needs to be taken care of ASAP, using the school’s iPad Tech


3.         Students should be in their seats, prepared to work prior to the tardy bell and their iPads should be out and ready to work on, unless indicated by their teacher. 

  1. Assignments need to be completed by the due date posted on Schoology.
  2. No plagiarism allowed.  Assignments, homework, quizzes, and tests need to be

            their own original work. 

  1. Non-educational use of iPads is prohibited during school time such as video games
  2. Students should only use their own iPad.
  3. Students should assist parents to access their grades on Schoology.
  4. Be good digital citizens (no cyber bullying, and be safe online.) 


The following Weighted Scoring Guides will be used to assess student’s overall academic grade.

     Test and Quizzes                                   40 %

     Homework/Classwork               30 %  

     Class Participation Effort             30 %      


Thank you in advance for your support,


Mrs. Santana

7th Health/Life Science Teacher

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  ß cut or tear


Please sign below to acknowledge you have read this document to inform you of your child’s expectations and how you can gain access to your child’s progress in Health/Life Science.  


Child’s Name ______________________________       Period _______


Parent Signature ____________________________       Date ________


View your child's assignments and grades on Schoology


Assignment Due date







* On all assignments at the top right- hand side, include your full name, date, period, title of assignment, pages used, and assignment number. If the following are missing points will be taken off.   


Current Assignments

Course Outline 2016-2017

7th Grade Health/Life Science

2016-2017 Course Outline

Mrs. Santana




Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students;

* Please read this syllabus in its entirety before signing the attached parent-student signature sheet.


The overall purpose and goals of Health/Life Science is to provide students the life science knowledge and understanding to make healthy choices and abstain from high-risk behaviors to live long happy healthy lives.  My instructional objective is to instill the wonder and appreciation of life, in particular their own life.


Work Habits

To receive an “E” for excellent or an “S” for satisfactory letter grade in work habits students must:

1.               Carry required school supplies daily.  Supplies needed:  binder paper, at least two dark ink pens (blue or black), two sharpened pencils, an eraser, a highlighter, and color pencils, and a pencil sharpener.  * Surprise supply checks will be made throughout the year.

        In addition, students will be required to bring district iPads charged to school every day and follow    

        district’s rules and guidelines

  1. Have no more than 3 unexcused tardies per grading period.
  2. Be attentive, follow directions, and make proper use of class time.
  3. Miss no more than 3 classwork or homework assignments.
  4. Keep a neat organized Science packet containing the completed assignments in order by date.
  5. Use school planner to write down class assignments and other pertinent information.



To receive a letter grade “E” for excellent or an “S” for satisfactory in cooperation students must:

  1. Quietly line-up outside the door before given permission to enter the classroom

When entering students need to walk in quietly.

  1. Be in their seat and ready to work before the bell rings.  If not they will be marked tardy.
  2. Not talk, use cell phone, or write notes to other students during class time.
  3. Respect one another’s beliefs and opinions.
  4. Respect the personal and private property of others and the school.
  5. Raise their hand and wait to be called on, to answer or ask questions.  No calling out answers. Allow the teacher to finish giving instructions or pertinent information before asking questions. 
  6. No food, candy, gum or sticky drinks in the school building and classroom. 
  7. Allow the teacher to finish the instruction before packing up to leave.
  8. Remain in their seat until dismissed by the teacher, not the bell
  9. Display proper classroom behavior.

For a serious or continuous problem of unsatisfactory behavior, students may be subject to a parent conference and/or referral.


Your child will only be permitted to go to the restroom if it is an emergency.   Regular usage will not be allowed unless the parent reports to the nurse of their child’s special need.  Students are expected to use the restroom facilities during the passing periods, break, or lunch. Students should not disrupt classroom instruction to ask for bathroom use. 


Academic  Grading Scale:

100% - 90% =A,  89% - 80% =B, 79% - 70% = C, 69% - 60% = D, 59% and below = F

Student’s grades are weighted using the following percentages:

Tests/Quizzes = 60%                    Homework/Classwork/Labs/Projects = 40%


    Assignments will consist of book notes, handouts, lecture notes, labs, and study guides.  They will be graded on completeness, neatness, and organization. If an assignment is not completed on time, points will be deducted.  In the event of a family emergency, late work will be accepted without penalty with a note from parents.  If a student has an excused absence, it is their responsibility to come in at lunch the day they return to make-up test/quizzes, and get homework assignments.  If students miss several days of instruction please contact your student’s counselor to arrange to pick-up students homework.

     Tests and quizzes will be given at least once a week.  Although testing information will be covered in class, it is encouraged to study at home also.  If students are caught cheating or attempting to cheat they will lose points off their test. 


Student’s Daily Planner

Students are required to use their daily planner to record homework, test dates, and pertinent information.  Parents are advised to check their student’s planner and assignments regularly to ensure they are turned in on time, complete, and well done. Parents may request teacher’s signature in the planner to ensure written information is correct. 

 Please note:  Writing a note in your child’s planner is the best way to communicate with their teachers because they can respond promptly.


Teacher’s Website and Checking Your Child’s Grade

Students and parents are encouraged to open up my webpage to see student’s current assignments, classroom events, news and progress report.  To access my webpage, log on to the Palms website, go to teachers, and click on S. Santana.  From there you can view your child’s progress report by clicking on the link “my grades page” select student’s class period, their last name, assigned password, then click the “View Report”.


For your child’s success:

  • Check your child’s planner
  • Check your child’s assignments for well done, complete work.
  • Check your child’s progress report regularly
  • Encourage your child to visit their teacher during lunch for help, make-up tests, and get missing assignments.
  • Have your child share with you the exciting things they are learning in Science. 


We are a team with your support your child can have a successful year. 





Mrs. Santana

Room 141





Parent/Guardian Signature Sheet



Health/Life Science

Rm. 141

Mrs. Santana



Please sign to confirm that you have read and understand your child’s expectations and your role assisting with your child’s success.   Return date within a week on enrollment. 




Student’s Name (print)_____________________________


Student’s signature ________________________________


Student’s Health/Life Science Class Period_______             


Parent/Guardian signature ________________________________


Contact phone number ______________________


Email ___________________________________