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Room 231

Dear Parents Please Note! 

Math Homework Help is Now Available.  Support is Available, Every Monday and Wednesday, From 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM, in Room #231... A Palms Middle School Teacher is on staff each of those days.

Mr. Quinn's Class Schedule


Period Class
1 Common Core Mathematics
2 Common Core Mathematics
3 Conference
4 Common Core Mathematics
5 Common Core Mathematics
6 Common Core Mathematics
HR 7th Grade Homeroom Class

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Mr. Quinn

Welcome to Mr. Quinn's 7th grade math class.


Unit Covers
1 Number Sets: Properties, Operations, and Representations
2 Percentages, Linear Equations and Linear Inequalities
3 Linear Relationships, Exponents, and Special Geometric Relationships
4 Handling Data, Plane and Solid Geometry, and Non-Linear Functions

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