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Current Assignments

Science Homework schedule

Parent Reminder:  Students have a science vocabulary list that they will bring home every Monday unless there is a holiday. Homework is to use their textbook to find the definitions for those vocabulary words.  Definitions are due on Tuesday. Students will have a practice spelling test on those words on Wednesday and a final test on Friday.

They will also be given assignments to complete in class relating to the chapters the students are reading. Parents are encouraged to help their child learn the scientific concepts presented per chapter and help their child keep track of their assignments in a notebook.

Please also make sure your child arrives to school on time with the proper supplies, paper, pencils, etc. This is part of their work habits grade.

Thank you,

L. Hoffman

Assigned: 11/27/18 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 06/07/19

English 7-8

Student book reports has been extended till after winter break. Several students returned their books to the library and they are unable to renew them.  I therefore decided to give students the three week winter break time to renew and finish reading their books.

Other English assignments are class assignments.  Please remind your child to write all assignments down in the Palms book or a notebook.

Thank you,

 Ms. L. Hoffman

Assigned: 11/27/18 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 06/07/19


Room 142

Period Class
1 Physical Science 8
2 Physical Science 8
3 Earth Science 6
4 Life Science 7
5 English 7 and 8
6 Conference

Contact Ms. Hoffman

Ms. Hoffman

lindaforweb.jpgWelcome to Ms. Hoffman's  Science class.

To meet the individualized needs of each student according to their IEP goals, the science course will be presented by using a variety of methods:



  1. Lectures
  2. Demonstrations
  3. Videos
  4. Projects
  5. Lab/field investigations
  6. Class discussions
  7. Technology

Ms. Hoffman won a grant from the Society for Science & The Public that let her take over 44 students from her classes and Mr. Scott's classes to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) at the Los Angeles Convention Center in May 2014. The ISEF is the world's largest international science fair and over 5000 Los Angeles students were in attendance.

Palms students talked to high school finalists from around the world about their inventions, saw students from Korea and other countries in their native costumes, and had hands-on experiences operating robiotic devices, working on a lab project, touching sea creatures, and even petting or holding a snake and a tarantula.

The Society for Science & The Public established the Science Talent Search competition in 1942. Intel began sponsoring the Fair in 1998 and this year has handed out awards totaling $630,000 to 40 finalists as one of the major sponsors.

Ms. Hoffman reports that it was a very "cool" place to be on a very hot day!

Two more grants!

Ms. Hoffman's students will benefit from two more grants:

A Trip to the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium and Beach: Thursday October 29, 2015.

A grant from Pets in the Classroom to buy a classroom aquarium and various fish to stock it with.

Science Projects


Whale Expedition
whale expedition

Ms. Hoffman on the NOAA research ship "MacArthur II" studying whales on the Bering Sea.

A Pumpkin for Dr. Moriuchi
A pumpkin for Dr. Moriuchi

Ms. Hoffman's class presented Principal Dr. Moriuchi with a decorated pumpkin for Halloween in October 2014. He posed proudly with the pumpkin and the students and commented that it "made his day."