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Family Picnic

Are you interested in helping us organize a family event, on a weekend or a weekend day? Please volunteer or bring up your suggestions at a Friends of Palms/PTSA meeting.

The information below is from the Palms Back to School Family Picnic, which was a fun event held for several years. Palms students and their families came to school on a Sunday during the first months of the Fall semester, coinciding with the Book Fair.

If we organize a new family event, it could be a picnic, a night of entertainment, a meeting at a public place, or something else entirely. We're looking for creative ideas and volunteers.

Music * Raffle * Games * Food * Fun

Palms families bring picnic blanket and gather in Kennedy Court (the central quad, see campus map), where everyone can enjoy musical entertainment and games. You can buy tacos from Martin's Tacos ($2 each) and ice cream from the King Kone Scoops Truck ($3 to $5), with a percentage of snack sales donated to Palms. You can also bring your own picnic lunches and drinks. There are games, a raffle, and a DJ playing music.

It's one of the first chances families have to meet other families and become part of the Palms Middle School community.

2015 Family Picnic Chair: Kelly Freedman

2013 T-shirt You can buy Palms T-shirts at the Family Picnic.

Only $10 each (regular price $12).

ice cream cone, courtesy lakeshorelearning

Family Picnic Questions and Answers

Can we drop off our kids?

No, this is a family event. Parents are encouraged to attend to meet fellow parents! No students will be admitted without a responsible adult. Kids can come with other families but they need to have someone responsible for them at the event.

Where do we enter?

Enter the campus through the Palms Blvd. gate. The front of the school on Woodbine will be locked. The only entrance will be on Palms. The P.E. gate will be open so you can park on the blacktop. You may also park on Woodbine or in the Teacher's Parking Lot but then you'll need to walk around the block to Palms Blvd. to enter.

Will there be food? What do I bring?

Families bring most of their own food and beverages but vendors may offer some items for sale too. Bring whatever your family will want to snack on. And as a friendly reminder, alcohol is not permitted on school property. You may also bring a picnic blanket or chairs. We will be on the quad. The weather is usually warm but can be breezy, so make sure to bring water, sunscreen, and maybe sweaters or jackets.

What's the scoop on the ice cream truck?

We will have an ice cream truck on campus as a fundraiser that will be donating a portion of their sales during the event to Palms. A taco grill will be there too.

Will the teachers be there?

Yes, some of our teachers will be there and are excited to join us. However, we ask that you be respectful of their participation and not approach them about your child's specific needs during this event. We encourage you to introduce yourselves but this is not the appropriate time or place to hold a teacher conference.

How much are the sweatshirts?

$25. Please bring cash or a check.

Can I volunteer to help?

Of course! Contact Friends of Palms.

Anything else?

As always, please remember to treat our campus and our neighborhood with respect. Trash and recycle bins will be placed around the quad and we appreciate you taking the time to help leave our campus as clean as we find it before the picnic.