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We collected recyclables as part of BIG SUNDAY 2014.

Past Recycling Contests

Spring 2013 Recycling Contest


Step 1: Take your recyclable glass, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans to either of the rePLANET recycling centers listed to the left. All materials must be clean and dry. See the List of CRV Beverages (PDF file) if you aren't sure what drink containers are recyclable.

Step 2: Deposit your recyclables and collect the voucher.

Step 3: Write your name and your science teacher's name and period on the back of the voucher.

Step 4: Place the voucher in the designated box in your science class.


Grand Prize: The student who brings in the most money will receive the value of their vouchers plus 10%.

Grade level prizes: The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place recycler in each grade level will receive gift certificates.

Class prize: The science class that brings in the most money and has 100% participation will earn a field trip, to be decided by the teacher.

Fall 2012 Recycling Contest

Every year 6th Grade homerooms compete in the Homeroom Recycling Contest. Students collect recyclable bottles and aluminum cans, helping the environment and our community.

This year's contest ran from Monday September 10 through Friday September 21, 2012. Congratulations to Ms. March's homeroom -- Room 56 -- for winning the Homeroom Recycling Contest by bringing in 1,581 bottles and cans. Their prize was a class pizza party.

Remember that recycling is a year-round activity that everyone should practice.