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Be a Leader!

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What You Learn

Leadership students learn about the characteristics, attributes, and skills that encompass good leadership.

They engage in discussions and debates, plan school activities, and provide service to their school and their classmates.

Please support the student fundraisers that pay for activities directed by Student Leadership.


7th and 8th grade students can take Leadership, also known as Student Council. They've help organize or participated in the following:

  • Tutoring and mentoring students in the Special Needs Room
  • Leading Visitors Day tours
  • Attending a Leadership Seminar at Disneyland
  • Preparing holiday gift bags for the Mar Vista group home
  • Helping with the Black History Program
  • Touring Los Angeles City Hall and the new Hall of Justice
  • Meeting Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey
  • Raising money for Student Body activities
  • Organizing School Dances
  • Organizing Palms Pride Days and Spirit Week

Some Leadership students participate on the Local School Leadership Council (LSLC).

2016-05 Leadership at City Hall
Palms Leadership students talk to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at City Hall. They discussed the state of Los Angeles, civic duty, leadership skills, and community service.

2016-05 Leadership at City Hall

Palms Leadership students pose with Sheriff James McDonnell at the Hall of Justice. The students also met with District Attorney Jackie Lacey.


Any 7th or 8th graders with a grade no lower than a B and no U's may apply to be in Leadership.

Students must receive an application from Mr. Medved, Leadership Coordinator.

The completed application requires parent and teacher approval, grades from the last grading period, and a 200-word essay.


Leadership Applications for next year available in February 2019.

Applications due in March 2019.

Leadership class meets Jackie Lacey
Leadership Class meets Jackie Lacey, the first woman and first African-American to serve as Los Angeles County District Attorney. Ms. Lacey leads a staff of 1,000 lawyers and 300 crime investigators.

See Also
2018 Student Body Officers

The 2018 Student Body Officers are as follows:

  • President: Robert Lamar
  • Vice President: Shomari Kudumu-Hom
  • Treasurer: Genesis Maciel
  • Secretary: Summer Hamzeh
  • Commissioners of Activities: Isabella Lopez & Sanai Singh
Student Body Offices

All Palms students are members of the Palms Associated Student Body.

Students in Leadership are eligible to run for the six student body offices:

President (8th grader)

Presides at student body assemblies. Represents the school to the school district. Member of the Local School Leadership Council (LSLC).

Vice President

Oversees noon playground activities. Member of the Local School Leadership Council (LSLC). Takes over when the President is unavailable.


Prepares the daily agenda. Records Leadership class minutes. Records daily attendance. Handles Student Body correspondence.


Keeps student body financial records. Signs expenditure authorizations. Coordinates fundraisers. Works with the school's financial manager.

Commissioner of Activities

Coordinates social events managed by Leadership.

Commissioner of Athletics

Coordinates athletic events managed by Leadership.

Spring 2017 Student Body Fundraiswer

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2017-2018 Student Body Officers

The 2017-2018 Student Body Officers are as follows:

  • President: Christopher Cole
  • Vice President: Jasmine Sudds
  • Secretary: Khushi Sharma
  • Treasurer: Shane Grayson
  • Commissioners of Activities: Timothy Whiteman and Giselle Guerrero