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California State Testing: May 16 to 23
Posted 5/16/22

California flag

California State Testing takes place from Monday, May 16 to Friday, May 20, 2022, with make-up testing on Monday, May 23.

Testing schedule (⬇download)

Date Test Bell Schedule (dismissal)
May 16 English Minimum Day (12:21pm)
May 17 Math Regular Tuesday (1:30pm)
May 18 English Minimum Day (12:21pm)
May 19 Math Minimum Day (12:21pm)
May 20 Science
(8th grade)
Regular Friday (3:00pm)
May 23 Make-up Regular Monday (3:00pm)

Tip for parents: Make sure your child comes to school on time, well rested, and having eaten a good breakfast.