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Superintendent Beutner Update: June 1
Posted 6/1/21

Superintendent Austin Beutner updated the LAUSD community on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

Video from LAUSD Video Archive

Transcript: EnglishSpanish

Topics covered:

  • Thousands of students and family members received COVID-19 vaccinations last week. More than half walked in, without making appointments.
  • LAUSD has provided vaccinations at 26 sites in underserved communities. Mobile teams are visiting 250 LAUSD secondary schools over the 2-week period before the school year ends. The vaccination program will be repeated during the summer break.
  • Since the pandemic began, LAUSD has provided 132 million meals, 40 million supply items, and 1.5 million free COVID tests.
  • We don't know yet what the coming school year will be like, but it's good news that infections continue to decrease and more people are being vaccinated. By August, LAUSD staff will have had more than 6 months to get vaccinated and students 12 and older will have had more than 3 months to get vaccinated.
  • There have been up to 200,000 people back on LAUSD school campuses, all of them tested weekly for COVID-19. Only about 30 to 40 people test positive in an average week. There were no recorded cases of COVID transmission on campus in May.
  • For now, students and staff on campus must continue to wear masks, until more children have been vaccinated.
  • More details about the coming school year will be shared soon, and Town Halls meetings will be held in communities across the Los Angeles area.