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Textbook and iPad Return Schedule
Posted 5/26/20

NOTICE: The schedule described below has been superseded by the canceling of campus activities for the week of June 1-5. See details.

Palms students will return textbooks and iPads to school from June 1-10 using the following schedule. Click the link and look for your current grade level and the first letter of your last name to find your scheduled return time.

Sixth and seventh graders will return their items near the library on Woodbine Street. Eighth graders will return their items on the Palms entrance, and then will pick up pre-ordered yearbooks and panoramic pictures at the student store. Eighth graders will also receive refunds for culmination caps and gowns if applicable. 

Students will also be able to pick up items left in their PE lockers at the same time and/or return musical instruments.

Students taking summer school may keep iPads until August.

Everyone returning items to school must wear a face mask and follow social distancing guidelines.

Textbook and iPad return schedule