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Palms Student Wins LAUSD My Bright Idea Challenge
Posted 6/17/12

LAUSD logoThe My Bright Idea contest challenged LAUSD student, parents, and employees to come up with creative new ideas for the school district. The winning student, selected by a public poll, was Palms 7th grader Jordyn Sacino! There were 1300 contest submissions and over 10,000 votes cast.

Jordyn submitted the following idea:

Why don't we use art to save art? We can have an art show! With not just visual arts, but performing and music! People can come enjoy the show, and see what talent students from LAUSD will be losing at the same time. This will encourage donations such as money and supplies.

LAUSD plans to implement Jordyn's idea. Each winner receives a trophy, district-wide recognition, and the student's school receives a $3000 award for educational equipment and supplies.

Congratulations Jordyn!