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This instrument has only three valves. How many different notes can it play?

Music Scholarships

Students who play musical instruments may audition for talent-based PTSA Music Scholarships, which are awarded by Tenth District PTSA.

Tenth District PTSA also awards scholarships to vocal music students, but only at the high school level.

Music program donations:

  • Friends of Palms and parents have also been generous each year in funding the instrumental music program, which assists in the purchase of new sheet music that expands the musical range to which students are exposed.
  • Direct donations from parents are also welcome, but they are completely optional; the only cost to students is that reed instrument players must pay for their reeds.
How Scholarships Work

French hornScholarships of $200 to $500 each are intended to help pay for private music lessons. Funding comes from the Tenth District PTA.

Applications are usually due in March, with auditions in April. The number of scholarships is limited.


2022 PTSA Music Scholarship Dates
Applications due: March 2022
Auditions: April 2022
Results: May 2022


For more information, contact Ms. Jones.

See Also

Past Music Scholarhips (2014-2018)

Spring 2022 Scholarhips

Congratulations to the following students, who each received a $500 scholarship toward their music lessons. The awards were given by the Los Angeles Tenth District PTSA.

  • Aditya Ahuja, 8th grade, Violin
  • Barathi Balamurugan, 7th grade, Alto Saxophone
  • Douglas Eastman, 6th grade, Piano
  • Aarna Kumar, 8th grade, Violin
  • Antoni Lipetsky, 6th grade, Piano
  • Aarohi Meli, 8th grade, Violin