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Wish list

The following items can help us in the classroom:

1. boxes of tissue

2. handsanitizer

3. disinfecting wipes

4. paper towels

5. old tennis balls

Throughout the year, students may need other supplies for science projects. We will let you know how to help.  In advance, thank you for your generosity.

Period Class
1 Math 6
2 Science 6
3 Math 6 Magnet
4 Science 6 Magnet
5 Math 6 Magnet
6 Science 6 Magnet

Contact Ms. Igarashi

Ms. Igarashi

Welcome to Room 48

This is my 21st year at Palms Middle School.  I teach 6th Grade Math/Science regular and magnet classes.    My teaching partners,  Ms. Gipson and Ms. Kelley teach the English/Ancient Civilization classes.  Feel free to check in periodically by clicking at the envelope next to my name under "Teachers" in the Palms Middle School website or by typing  I would also suggest that parents log-on to Schoology to check-in on the student's grades.  The student's student ID number will be needed (it can be found on your child's schedule).


Parent Conferences are usually conducted as a team.  Please contact us to set up Parent Conferences.  Unlike elementary, we do not have a scheduled conference week.   Depending on the student's schedule, Ms. Gipson and I will meet parents/guardians in room 56 or Ms. Kelley and I will meet in room 51.  The school has set the following days for conferences: October 23, 2018; November 27th 2018; January 15, 2019; February 12, 2019; March 26, 2019 and May 7th 2019.


This year, both Ms. Gipson and I will be the 6th Grade teachers available for after school math tutoring.  Tutoring started Wednesday, August 29th. It will run Mondays and Wednesday from 3:15-4:15.  Students must be in the class by 3:15, sign-in and sign-out but do not need to stay the full hour.







You can check the site for updates and homework.

Here are some tips to help you succeed:

1) Be prepared with school supplies

2) Check your binder every night so you don't leave anything behind


4) Always copy the assignments in the planner WORD FOR WORD and refer to it at home to complete your work. If you forget/don't receive/loose a handout or forget to copy the assignment, go home, look at your notes and either use the book or go on line and solve at least 15 problems with the related topic.

5) Keep track of your deadlines.

6) Ask for help & use your resources (notebooks, textbooks, homework help, etc.) For math, visit "Khan Academy" at for free practice problems and videos to review lessons.


7) Visit the Calendar section to check daily homework.

Sign up to Khan Academy

Students, please create an account on Khan Academy.  

Period 1:

Follow these steps:


  1. Sign up at (or log in with their existing accounts)
  2. Visit
  3. There, in the "Add a coach" field, enter the class code QV9D24

Periods 3 & 5:

  1. Sign up at (or log in with their existing accounts)
  2. Visit
  3. There, in the "Add a coach" field.
  4. Period 3, enter the class code ZEB72V
  5. Period 5, enter the class code BGTKYF
Current Assignments


  1. LAUSD Just For Kids
  2. Mr. Anker Tests - great for math
  3. SCLinks - links for science textbook
  4. Khan Academy
  5. Puzzlemaker - create word puzzles
  6. The Scientific Method
  7. NCES Kids' Zone - create graphs
  8. Dynamic Earth - good animations of plate boundaries
  9. Science News for Kids
  10. Norton Geology
  11. Aspire - seismic waves demonstration & quiz

Student Email & Schoology Access

Students must activate lausd gmail accounts and create a password in order to have access to Schoology.


1) Use the information given in class with: Student ID, email, and PIN.  This is your personal information as a student in LAUSD.

  • Log on to
  • Read the directions carefully and enter the information properly
  • Create a password and record it for your own record
  • Update password upon receiving request in the form of an email
  • The email account will be activated along with Google docs, Google slides, Google sheets, etc.


2) Register at Schoology (to see grades) at

  • You will need your password (which you created at "mylogin".