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Math Program

College and Career Pathway

Most middle school students take the Common Core series of math classes:

  • Common Core Math 6
  • Common Core Math 7
  • Common Core Math 8

For more information, see your counselor.

Accelerated Pathways

Students who demonstrate advanced math skills in grades and on California state tests, who have an interest in math, and whose parents and counselors think they'll do well in more challenging math classes, can take advantage of the accelerated math programs, starting in Grade 6 or Grade 7.

Accelerated math classes compact lessons into a shorter timeline, without skipping any material.

For more information, see your counselor.

Middle School and High School Math Pathways

math program pathways

The blue and red arrows show that acceleration can begin in 6th grade, 7th grade, 9th grade, or 11th grade.

The sample high school pathways demonstrate how any middle school pathway can lead to acceleration and Calculus in high school.