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Middle Years Newsletter

Middle Years newsletter

The Palms Magnet program offers you Middle Years, a popular newsletter with tips for parents about all aspects of the Middle School child. Read the latest issue or download our large collection of back issues.

Magnet School Statistics

As of Fall 2019 there were

  • 282 LAUSD Magnet Schools
  • 47 for Gifted/High Ability across all grades
  • 17 for Gifted/High Ability for grades 6-8
  • 1 for Gifted/High Ability in West L.A. (Palms!)
  • 17 for Communications Arts across all grades
  • 3 for Communications Arts for grades 6-8
  • 1 for Communications Arts in West L.A. (Palms!)

For comparison, in 2014 there were

  • 198 magnet schools
  • 36 for Gifted/High Ability students across all grades
  • 1 for Gifted/High Ability in West L.A. (Palms!)

Magnet Schools

Palms Middle School has two Magnet Schools:

Modern Media logoModern Media and Communications Magnet

Starting in the 2020-2021 school year.

A program that builds a real and relevant foundation for success in the communications-based careers of the 21st century, from film production and broadcasting to journalism, law, and business.

This magnet has 347 openings for the 2020-2021 school year.

Learn more about this magnet school.

lightbulbGifted/High Ability Magnet

A program for students who exhibit exceptional ability and are identified as gifted or ability by the school district.

Learn more about this magnet school.

The LAUSD Magnet Program

The LAUSD Magnet program is a voluntary integration program. From kindergarten through 12th grade, Magnet students pursue academic interests in special environments for learning. Each Magnet school offers a subject specialty or special teaching approaches. Magnet students are selected randomly by computer based on LAUSD and court-approved guidelines, ethnic balance, and available space in each program.

The LAUSD Permits With Transportation (PWT) program provides Magnet students with the necessary transportation.

Magnet enrollment is controlled by the LAUSD Office of Student Integration Services. Further information can be found at the LAUSD Magnet Program website.

Consider attending the annual Choices Fair, where LAUSD invites parents to learn about magnet schools and the magnet program.

Magnet Fair

You can learn about the many Magnet School choices at the annual Magnet Fair.

Our area is served by the Educational Service Center West, which schedules a combined Magnet Fair for Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools:

  • Magnet Fair:  TBA, October 2019, Webster Middle School, 11330 Graham Place, Los Angeles
Magnet Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences

If you are interested in meeting with your child's teachers, call the Magnet Office or Counseling Office to set up a conference. 

Conferences usually begin at one of these times:
1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10, 2:20, 2:30, 2:40, 2:50

e-choices magnet program banner

The CHOICES application is used to apply to the Magnet Program. Applications are available at LAUSD schools and Los Angeles Public Libraries, or you can apply online at

Applications must be submitted to the Office of Student Integration Services by the deadline.

Late applicants will be placed on a waiting list, which applies to that particular school year. You must reapply for the following year.

Parents are advised not to put any school on their Magnet application that they don't want their child to attend, because LAUSD may accept your child into any choice you list. If your only choice is Palms, list only Palms on your Magnet application.

Palms is expected to have about 162 Magnet openings for 6th grade students in 2019-2020.

Dates for 2019-2020 Magnet Applications

Specific dates to be announced.

Early October 2019

CHOICES applications available

CHOICES applications first accepted

Early November 2019

CHOICES application deadline

March 2020

Magnet placements announced

April 2020

Deadline to accept or decline Magnet placements

Choices Application Downloads