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amusement park

Magic Mountain

Friends of Palms Sponsored Spring Activity 


Friday in May 2021, date to be announced

Begin Picking Up Permission Packet: April, date to be announced

Ticket Sale Dates: April dates to be announced - limited seats


Eligible eighth grade students can pay to attend Friends of Palms Spring Trip at Magic Mountain. The park will not be open to the general public. It is a night reserved for middle schools. 


Only a limited number of students can attend. Students who participate must be eligible according to the 15-week progress report. Refer to the Eighth Grade Eligibility page for requirements.

  • Cost: $90.00, cash-only.
  • Students may pick-up Magic Mountain permission packets in the Eighth Grade Sponsor's room during break or lunch on a date to be announced.
  • There are NO replacement packets if you lose yours.
  • Tickets will go on sale on a date to be announced
  • Seats are limited.
  • Purchase Tickets at the Student Store.
  • When purchasing tickets, students must have:
    • 8th Grade Student I.D.
    • $90.00 cash
    • Signature pages from the permission packet
  • If a student is Ineligible according to the 15-week progress report, they will lose their seat and have their money refunded.
  • Parents with questions should contact Assistant Principal Mr. Barbosa.

Students may pick up Permission Packets in Ms. McCarrell's room on a starting date to be announced.

Tickets go on sale on a date to be announced.

Ticket sales close when buses are filled or on a date to be announced, whichever comes first.

Field Trip Schedule

Participating students must report to the auditorium by 4:15pm on May 2020, date to be announced.

When students return from the trip, a parent or guardian must pick up each child by 1:00am on Palms Blvd.

Thank You Friends of Palms

Friends of Palms graciously helps to fund this Spring Trip.

Please remember to support FOP when making annual donations!