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Students with high mathematical ability can take the Logic elective (also known as propositional calculus). Among the first-level logic subjects covered:

  • Truth tables
  • Tautologies
  • Modus ponens
  • Deductive theorems
  • Indirect inference

The elective also includes an introduction to second-level logic (existential logic), including the "for all" and "there exists" operators, and translation of mathematical notation to and from English.

The logic elective is open to all students, but only those with high ability in math are likely to benefit from the class. After working with his students in the Fall, Mr. Kravets can identify students who would likely benefit from this elective. He speaks to parents about it at the Fall GATE meeting.

Mr. Kravets teaches Geometry and Logic each year because he knows that students who excel in math need exposure to this level of math.

Interested students should come to Mr. Kravets' room at the after-school class time.

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Mr. Kravets

Logic sample:

P → Q


∴ Q

Which of These Statements is True?

Some animals are dogs.

All dogs have wet noses.

Some animals have wet noses.

All animals with wet noses are dogs.

An animal with a dry nose is not a dog.