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The Keyboarding elective, also called Typing, is in the 6th grade General Elective in some (not all) school years.

In this 10-week class, students have the opportunity to build efficient keyboarding skills.

Keyboarding is becoming an essential skill for success in the 21st century marketplace. If you can touch type, you extend your skill set beyond word processing to include electronic communication, computer science, and more; and you accomplish writing tasks much more quickly than if you had to spend time hunting for each key.

Students may use iPads, computers in our Computer Lab, or AlphaSmart keyboarding devices. Most recently, we've used the school edition of


Teachers who have taught this class:

Ms. Kelley

Mr. Rubin

AlphaSmart Keyboards

An AlphaSmart is much like a laptop computer, but strictly for word processing.

KeyWords, a program preloaded on the AlphaSmart, helps a student turn from a "hunt and peck" typist into a "think and write" writer-fast. Unlike other typing programs based on 1950s typing instruction, KeyWords uses language-based lessons presenting diverse vocabulary, rhymes, and humor to keep students engaged and interested.

keyboard for typing practice

Students have also learned keyboarding in the Computers elective.