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Honors and Regular English

Video Production Elective

Room 163

Period Class
1 Honors English 8H
2 English 8
3 Video Production 7/8
4 Conference
5 Honors English 8H
6 Honors English 8H
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Mrs. Irene Clark

Mrs. Irene Clark's List of Suggested Supplies for English Class

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Important Web Addresses


You find all your assignments, worksheets, due dates, and grades on this website.  I keep our Schoology up to date.



This is our online textbook.


Read Theory:

This is an individualized learning software that will help raise your English Language Arts reading and overall grade level.

Welcome to Mrs. Irene Clark's 8th Grade Honors English, Regular English and Video Production classes.

Your thoughts become your words.

Your words become your actions.

Your actions become your habits.

Your habits become your character.

Your character becomes your destiny.

Mahatma Gandhi
Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 - 1948)

Video Production Corner

Calling all parents!  If you, or anyone you know works in the film, television, or online video industry, please contact me.  We would love to have you visit our class and tell us what you do!

Call for film and video production equipment.  Do you have any extra tripods, light stands, or any other video equipment?  Please donate to our class so we can build up our equipment library.

A Book? What's That?
A Book? What's That?
Here's how to set up your Schoology, Google Drive, and Study Sync Accounts:

Student Password Setup

1.        Go to:  and  

           Select:  Student

2.        Select: Activate your Account or Reset your password

3.        Read the Rules/ Terms of Use, and then

           Select: Agree, Next, select:  Accept

4.        Input:  District ID (this number includes your birthday, and an F if you are a

                       girl or an M if you are a boy

               Input:  Date of Birth  Make sure it is in this form:

                          Month in two digits, then a slash (/), day in two digits,

                          then a slash (/), date in four digits--

                          looking like this:   11/26/2003   

               Input:  Pin  (that is the four digit number Mrs. Clark gave you)

               Select:  Next

5.        Select a secure password (The District suggests using the first three letters of

                student’s birth month,  first letter upper case - followed by the day and year of birth.)

                Example:  Apr142003

            However you can pick any password you want as long as it follows the rules

            written on the password creation page.

            Re-enter the password a second time.

            Select:  Submit


Next Steps

A. Google Verification and Mail App Setup

1.        Go to:

               Input:  Full your email address as the username, and the password you just created.

2.        Input the Captcha (Check off "I am not a robot.")

           Select:  I accept.  Continue to my account.

3.          If it shows, your name, you are set up!


B. Schoology Verification

  1. Go to
  2. Input your email address and password.
  3. If it says, Welcome, and your name, you are set up!


C. Study Sync Verification

Go to Study Sync:

Input your info and see if you can get in.


Español:  Configuración de contraseña del estudiante


1. Vaya a:

Seleccione: Estudiante

2. Seleccione: active su cuenta o restablezca su contraseña

3. Lea las Reglas / Términos de uso

Seleccione: de acuerdo

Seleccionar: aceptar

4. Entrada: ID del distrito

Entrada: fecha de nacimiento Asegúrese de que esté en esta forma:

                          Mes, día, fecha en 4 dígitos: 11/26/2003

Entrada: Pin

Seleccionar: Siguiente

5. Seleccione una contraseña segura (El Distrito sugiere usar las primeras tres letras del mes de nacimiento del estudiante - mayúscula en la primera letra - seguido del día y año de nacimiento). Ejemplo: abril142003

Vuelva a ingresar la contraseña segura

Seleccione: Enviar



Próximos pasos

A. Configuración de la aplicación de verificación y correo de Google

1. Vaya a:    

Entrada: completa su dirección de correo electrónico y contraseña

2. Ingresa el Captcha

Seleccionar: acepto. Continúa a mi cuenta

3. Si dice, tu nombre, ¡estás configurado!



B. Verificación de Schoology

1. Vaya a Schoology:

2. Ingrese su dirección de correo electrónico y contraseña.

3. Si dice, Bienvenido, y su nombre, ¡está configurado!



C. Estudiar la verificación de sincronización

Ir a Study Sync:

Ingrese su información y vea si puede ingresar.


Ms. Sudaley