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Health Fair

heart with bandage

The Health Fair, held in some school years, is led by students from health classes who inform parents and students about making choices that are best for their health. There's a special focus on Teen Health but parents can come and learn as well!

All students and parents are invited to the Health Fair, which is held in the Student Cafeteria (see campus map), usually in December.

For the date of the Health Fair, check the School Calendar, check this page, and watch for news announcements.

No Health Fair is scheduled for 2023-2023.


Mrs. Santana, health and science teacher

Want to Have Good-Health Fun in the Kitchen?

Try these Fast and Healthy Breakfast Ideas!

You can make treats like Crazy COOLslaw and Banana Berry Smoothies!

Crazy COOLslaw
Banana Berry Smoothie
Source: California Department of Public Health