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Field Trips

Academic field trips vary from year to year and class to class. Parents will be notified of upcoming class trips.

Some of the field trips at Palms:

  • Each year, about 100 art students visit the Getty Center in Brentwood.
  • Students in Instrumental Music perform at several off-campus concerts.
  • Some sixth grade students take an annual trip to the UCLA Institute for Planets and Exoplanets (iPLEX).
  • Some science students go to UCLA in conjunction with DNA Day.
  • P.E. students can participate in the Run 4 Fun racing festival.
  • Leadership students may visit Los Angeles City Hall.

Hammer Museum photos by Palms students Tuesday White and Princess Ilo

school bus

The Broad Theatre field trip

Broad Theatre Field Trip

Getty Center field trip 2019Getty Center Field Trip, 2019