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All 8th grade activities are subject to the Eighth Grade Eligibility rules.

Event Dates

Where event dates are absent or tentative, watch for news:

Financial Assistance

If a student's family may require financial assistance for the student to participate in 8th grade activities or to purchase Class of 2023 swag, contact Assistant Principal Ms. Prentice or Dean of Students Ms. Fields-Coleman.

  Tracey Fields-Coleman Dean of Students
  Anita Prentice Assistant Principal

Eighth Grade Events

Fall Semester

Fall Trip: Knott's Scary Farm / Canceled

Friends of Palms Sponsored Activity 

October, date to be announced: First day to pick up permission packet

October , date to be announced: Tickets go on sale

Friday, October ,  (tentative): Knott's Scary Farm Trip

  • The price is $90.
  • Eligibility is based on 10-week Progress Report & Activity Eligibility Requirements.
  • Ineligible students will have their $ refunded.
  • You must clear Library fees, Cafeteria fees, unexcused absences, and 6th & 7th grade textbooks.
  • Hand in the eligibility tear-off to your homeroom teacher.
  • Students can pick up their permission packets in Ms. McCarrell's room before or after school, break, or lunch.
  • Seats are limited. Sales close once the buses are filled.

See the Knott's Scary Farm page for more details.

Halloween Dance
Culmination Cap/Gown Fitting


  • All 8th grade students will be fitted for a gown during an extended homeroom.
  • Donations are welcome to cover the costs.
  • Absent students will be fitted during the week of culmination practice

Spring Semester

Panorama Picture Day

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

  • Students should dress in school colors (green or white) or the class hoodie/T-shirt.
  • The picture will be taken during first period.
  • Photos are sold at the student Store, $25.00 cash only, sale dates in March.

See the Class Photos page for previous class photos.

Class of 2021 Activities Donation Tear-Off / Pending 
  • All 8th grade students must wear a gown for culmination.
  • All 8th grade students must hand-in the tear-off form to the Student Store to be eligible for culmination.
  • Tear-off is (date to be announced) at Student Store 
  • $20 cash-only donation are optional but greatly appreciated.
  • Donations allow the school to continue 8th grade festivities.
Culmination Parent Update / Pending 

Hand-out date: to be announced

Return deadline: to be announced

  • During homeroom, students will receive an informational packet concerning culmination with a mandatory tear-off.
  • To ensure tickets and participation in the ceremony, students must return the tear-off to homeroom by the return deadline.
Spring Trip: Magic Mountain / Pending 

Friends of Palms Sponsored Activity 

Friday in May  date to be announced: Magic Mountain Trip

April , date to be announced: First day to pick up permission packet

April : Tickets on sale, dates in April to be announced

  • Sales will close once the buses are filled - Seats are limited. First come first served!
  • The price is $90.
  • Students can pick up their permission packet in The Eighth Grade Sponsor's room during break or lunch.
  • Eligibility is based on 15-week Progress Report & Activity Eligibility Requirements.
  • Ineligible Students will have their $ refunded.
  • The necessary 8th-grade tear-off form must be handed in.
Textbook, Library, & Cafeteria Fees Cleared

Deadline to be announced.

  • To be eligible for culmination, students must clear all of the following by the deadline:
    • Textbook fees
    • Learning resources
    • Library books
    • Cafeteria fees
Eighth Grade Picnic / Pending 

Friday June 4th 

  • Students must meet "Culmination Eligibility" requirements.
  • Students must be in attendance for the morning rehearsal to attend the picnic in the afternoon.

See the Eighth Grade Picnic page for more details.

Culmination Rehearsals / Pending 


  • Students must meet Culmination Eligibility requirements and must attend all rehearsals for the entire day to participate in the culmination ceremony.
  • Students must have handed in the Class of 2021 Activities Donation tear-off to the Student Store to ensure a gown for the ceremony.
Class of 2021 Culmination / Pending 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

  • All culminating 8th graders must wear gowns.
  • No additional decorative items are allowed to be worn outside of your gown for the ceremony.

See the Culmination page for more details.