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We'll post a picture of this year's Eighth Grade Sponsor when it's ready.


Mr. Rodriguez

Mr. Rodriguez is the Eight Grade Counselor.


Mr. Jauregui

Mr. Jauregui is the Assistant Principal in charge of Eighth Grade events.


To contact them, click or tap an envelope icon below, or phone Palms.

  Florentino Jauregui Assistant Principal
  Gildardo Rodriguez Counselor

Eighth Grade



Greetings Class of 2022 students and parents,

This year marks the last year here at Palms Middle School for our 8th graders.  Throughout the year, the Eighth Grade Sponsor (yet to be selected) will be updating and posting important information and deadlines for students to meet in order to participate in activities and culmination pending on the current state.

All necessary paperwork and announcements will be distributed and communicated though Advisory, and the 8th grade Schoolgy group.

We hope that you find this website helpful, but if you have questions please get in touch with the Eighth Grade Sponsor directly.


Class of 2022 stay informed and have access to important forms!

Schoology 8th Grade Group

Access Code: BNPN-BMVV-4XWT6


8th grade culmination cap

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Start here to learn about eighth grade activities, culmination, the East Coast Class Trip, and other information for 8th graders and their families.

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