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Shakespeare's Birthday

Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 and died on April 23, 2016, exactly 400 years before 2016. Palms students celebrate his birthday "in dramatic fashion" with food and posters.

Shakespeare cupcakes

Shakespeare cake


Drama is a year-long elective offered to 7th and 8th grade students. We hope to have even more drama classes next school year.

Drama students learn how to combine proper breathing, good diction, gesturing, a projecting voice, and body movement to make the best dramatic performances. They perform for both parents and students.

Drama class is held in various locations: room 212, the Library, the Library patio, or the auditorium, depending on availability. Students begin each day with warm-up exercises, both physical and vocal. Then they practice their assigned parts, alone or in groups.

In the Spring semester, the drama class often performs works by Shakespeare. This adds to the challenge, as students must learn to make real the drama and comedy using words and expressions unfamiliar to them. Practicing lines at home is necessary, but learning what the words express is equally important so that students can act as if the feelings and emotions behind the words are real.

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The Palms "Shakesperience"

Palms Shakesperience

Palms rocks The Bard like no other middle school this side of the River Thames!

Every year students celebrate the Palms Shakesperience, performing monologues, soliloquys, and sonnets on the Library stage with live and recorded music.


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East West Players (after-school drama program)


Ms. Hunter

Starlight Avenue included a tribute to Gene Wilder, monologues, skits, some acoustic guitar and some air guitar, a clever recitation of Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" and a stanza from Macbeth, the "Jet Song" from Westside Story and other music, and a group performance of a number from the show "Hamilton."


Pure Imagination drama show

The Palms Drama Ensemble performs "Pure Imagination", combining music, action, introspection, dance, movement, drama scenes, and themes around everything from Shakespeare to Star Wars.

Palms 7th and 8th grade drama students attended a dress rehearsal of Horror High (a teen horror-film spoof) by Venice High School drama students, chaperoned by Ms. Hunter and Mr. Ynda. (Tickets for upcoming performances may still be available.)

Palms students met Principal Dr. Oryla Wiedoeft and Magnet Coordinator Pavlin Lange, learned about Venice High, and got an outstanding and informative tour of the Venice High campus.

The field trip included a pizza lunch on the beautiful lawn.

Thank you Venice High School!

The Palms Drama Ensemble performs "It's Time", a program of theatrical fun with monologues, scenes, skits, songs, dance, Shakespeare, and more.

Palms Theatre Arts students took a field trip to see The Magic Flute performed by Isango Ensemble, a theatre company from South Africa.

Isango Ensemble draws most of its artists from the the area around the capitol city of Cape Town.

Students in Ms. Hunter's classes made these posters with quotes from Shakespeare's "Macbeth".

2011 Drama Production
cast of 2011 drama production

Alice's Revolution in Wonderland